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Thread: A newbie with over 400 posts? Preposterous!

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    Default A newbie with over 400 posts? Preposterous!

    After just over a year I am returned! Well some may remember me, but hello, once again here I am. Not a whole lot to say other than that.

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    Welcome back, person with 400 posts and enough rep to be a VIP but who has a blue name now!
    *glues Zyph to the floor so he won't leave again*

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    Happy anniversary! Glad to have you back

    That newbie-nesss will buff right out.

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    *pounce* and this time I'll keep you here by sitting on top of you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyph View Post
    Looks like it skipped the hellos and went to an rp.
    Hello and welcome to ADISC. I notice in your intro you didn't talk about your interests at all or anything like that. At ADISC we like to get to know the people instead of some nameless faceless diaper wearer. Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself.


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    Well, I'm not fond of long beach walks or romantic candles... Wait, you were being sarcastic about an introduction. To be fair though, I didn't give an intro simply because I'm generally not so good at them.

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    hiya zyph! what a happy surprise to see you on the forums and posting again.

    i still check in here most days, and i even post now and again. so it sounds like i'll be seeing you around!

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