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Thread: just ordered a cupple of cuddlz

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    Default just ordered a cupple of cuddlz

    well as the thred sugests i have bought a couple of thier "abdl diapers". i wont be able to use them till late next week as i wont be back home then and thats where i had them shiped. i hope to do a review. has anyone else tryed these yet?

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    Loopy has posted a review of Cuddlz diapers, and I use those and DryNites exclusively. They're extremely good, but are a bit expensive unless you order 40-packs, unfortunately.

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    well i still think drynights are more efficent for size and value but i was wondering how these ons go

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    If bought in 40-packs, Cuddlz are around twice the price, per diaper, than DryNites (when bought when Tesco are doing one of their frequent special offers on them), but will hold considerably more than double what a DryNite will. I only use DryNites on occasion because they look and feel a lot cuter and "kiddish" than Cuddlz. If you want to wet it freely and have it last for a sustained period of time, though, Cuddlz are the way to go (I've frequently had one last essentially all day - 9am til 7pm once, and 1pm til 7am another time... I probably don't drink as much as I ought, however).

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    After tying them a few months ago, I only ever buy Cuddlz now. Like Badger says they are a little expensive but it is a premium nappy and it suites my needs perfectly. I would recommend them to anybody. (in the UK)

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