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    So my girlfriend and I were at a restaurant the other day and the owners are proud Italian grandparents and prominently displayed to large photos of their grandsons as babies in the foyer of the building. Both were posed shot of them doing different things. One both caught our eye was the baby in his diaper in a chef hat curiously peering in to a large kitchen pot. My girlfriend daww'd and said I want one. To which I responded with the I thought we agreed that we weren't ready yet look assuming she meant the baby. She unexpectedly responded with, I just want the picture and I don't care if it's you in it. Slight jaw drop followed with hamsters running on wheels to begin the slow processing power of my brain. So later that night we got to talking about it,and the idea came up to take a bunch of posed "baby" pictures of me to use in our play.

    So we got to thinking about what picture we should take we decided the pot one was a must and she really really wanted to do the coppertone girl picture of me.

    So the question is does anyone have other ideas? Post em link em etc. I look forward to the ideas.

    I may even share a few when they're done if people are interested . Provided mommy (GF) doesn't get to jealous and say no.

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    A picture of baby in just a diaper playing with his toys. Maybe baby laying on the bed curled up in just a diaper and holding his blankie.

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    Oooooh~! I love photography! (Though I suck at it...) What style are you taking it in? Plain old snapshot? Professional studio-esque? Personally, my favourite style is the 1930-40's colour tinted type. It gives an air of innocence to the scene, but colour photography can be just as sweet looking if there's a lot of diffused light in the scene.

    I-if ya have anything to ask me, just say it! Although I failed photography, I'm actually quite good at it! (I was just a lazy-ass schoolkid...)

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    I LOVE cute AB photography. I take landscape and still life pics, but I've always want to do portrait photography.

    Alrighty, here's a cute idea: I was thinking you could dress in a onsie or cute overalls. Then, you could sit down with your legs in front of you. Then, you grab your feet and rock back and forth on your bum, just like a baby or young child. It would be adorable! You could even have a happy, cheesy smile!

    P.S. Post some pics so I can inspiration for my photography!

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    It depends on what kind of things the two of you are into in your play, and what kind of theme she wants in the pictures.

    If she wants cute then something along the lines of you curled up on the sofa in a onesie cuddling a plushie would work.

    If she wanted something a bit like the cooking pot one, you could be doing an everyday task such as hanging out washing (privacy permitting) dressed in just your underwear and a shirt.

    Lastly if she wanted vunerable or more submissive, then she could have something like you lying naked (with a conveniently placed teddy bear blocking certain bits) next to a changing mat with a nappy on it.

    But more ideas of what kind of thing you'd like, would help us come up with more tailored ones

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    Well, are there any cute baby pictures of you that you really like? Maybe you could try to reenact some of those although you might need to tweak some for privacy.

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    Since my daughter was a preemie, we took a picture of her in a 5 lb. sugar bag when she got that big, and in a jack-o-lantern at Halloween. Guess that doesn't exactly fit what you're looking for though, right? Still they were really cute baby pics!

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    Perhaps some sort of highchair shot with food smeared all over your face I guess you'd need a highchair though.

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