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Thread: cheapest plastic pants

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    Default cheapest plastic pants

    This thread is for listing, by cost or by source low-cost plp's (as I call them for short.)

    I'll list the source, their link, and their prices, and a brief (har har) product description. Note: I'll quote prices as given which will be mostly in $US or Euros.
    This is not a recommendation of any particular product or vendor.

    Size matters! personally I fit anywhere from a medium to an x-large according to particular makers: there is no standard as to what S, M, L XL mean. If you think about ordering double check which size will fit you.

    Before ordering anything confirm by email that the item is in stock and secure it for yourself. Some sites warn you their inventory listed varies and may not be up to date; some places list their prices for bulk orders, not single purchases; some have offers tied to a particular purchase eg. freebies you get if you spend over a certain amount or buy a feature item. Double check shipping prices.

    Basically I suggest reading over their sites completely before ordering product...

    Oh, to any Edmontonians: the Shoppers Home Health Care outlet at Meadowlark closed; the only one left is

    4619 91 Ave. N.W.
    T6B 2M7
    780-468-4002 Open M-F 8-5, Sat by appt only

    Ill update this space as to whether they still carry Priva - last I checked a 3- pack was about CDN$10, but it seems they are a non-standard item now and may be special order, according to Grand Prairie.

    LL Medico PVC Vinyl Plastic Pants/Products Clearance | LL Medico
    Pull-on Snap-on
    5XS - Small $8.95 $11.95
    Medium - 2X-Large $11.95 $14.95
    3X-Large - 4X-Large $14.95 $16.95
    5X-Large $18.95 $20.95

    Made in US, vinyl, welded seams, by Gary Mfg, the largest US maker

    LLMedico PVC Vinyl Plastic Pants/Products Clearance | LL Medico

    When you purchase 6 or more of any one item then the totals in the cart for those items will reflect a 15% discount. All the items must be identical for the discount to apply so for example if you order 3 "Storytime" prints and 3 "Playtime" prints you won't get a discount

    Prices start $14.50- same price per print/color, increasing $1-2 going up in size


    $S1212 model $US 22.95 - and is the only model I checked.

    Orders ship from Boston-Mass US except Canadian orders which ship out of Montreal Canada; 5% rebate on $150+ orders

    This S8117 which I would guess is their cheapest is supposedly available

    Apparently it is available in adult sizes with a different model number but their internal link is not working

    Click here for model S1205: adult version of this great pants

    ... and they don't indicate what, if any price difference applies to the "Yellow Extra" - which "special plastic has an improved resistance against oil, fat and urine."

    Their site is a bit sucky to navigate and is partly under construction; They do sell Bambinos however, it should be pointed out.

    It should be also pointed out that all these damn sites should have a product shot, unworn/on mannequin/ on a model, which you should be able to roll the cursor over to pull up a price and size range; then roll over the size to get the price. None of them do so. Many of these vendor sites require you to actually order a product ie put it in the cart to figure out its price: tedious, awkward and unnecessary. They will be spoken to, all of them. But in the meantime...

    Milky White Sale - As Low As $12.99 ea. Some Sizes - See Details - Click Here Now!
    "This is a Secret Sale" for internet orders only!
    Sizes XS to 5XL on sale at various prices depending on quantity see details by clicking here.
    clicking here. takes you to

    The price is $US 15- 19, with $2 off/pair in orders of 6 or more


    here is their discontinued /flawed product page; I'll list the cheapest of their offerings; btw they show the products on models and have raccoon-long product descriptions;

    The price is the same in $US for American Customers or $CDN for us Canucks $8, $10 $12 $4 - and appears not to be a misprint!! $6 $4

    AND WE HAVE A WINNAH!!! $2 $3 $4 $5

    They ha a training pant, "Old #752 vinyl outer, terry inner for $15,

    And several more under $10, as well as lace trimmed, bloomers, and other assorted fancy styles listed at very tasty prices.

    I am not listing some sites that while offering very good prices make me dubious about their genuineness, as they show little info about who they are as a business, mostly based in China or (1) in South Africa.
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    If you want cheap you should look into Carol Wright Gifts 3 pair for 10 bucks, not the best in the world but they do last and take one hell of a beating.

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    Carol Wright sells the Priva brand pants. You can get the 3-pack for as low as $7.88 if you search Google.

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    Fetware is an awesome company to deal with. Great service, ships discreetly, bills credit card discreetly

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    I, too, like the products Fetware offers, but they are definately not what I would call cheap.

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    Great job Raccoon! Great info all in one place. Looking at my history on my esnipe account, I typically buy Salk Sani-Pants (Pull-on) on ebay with shipping for around $9.35 each. American RX is about $11.28 each if I order 9 or more (free shipping with $100 order).

    I have used Priva (Low quality - don't seem to last - tear apart easily at seams), and Gary (Love the prints - had the baby print ones). The Gary Plastic pants lasted about 4 times longer than Priva but 15-25% of Salk Sani-Pants IMO.

    Other recent threads on the subject of plastic pants suggest that Leakmaster pull-ons may be my next purchase for comparison.

    Never tried any of the YunYun or other products from China, does any one have price/durability/comfort ideas on them?

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    I use Adult Cloth Diaper company and buy the Leak Master plastic pants. With proper care, they can last me a year.

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