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    hello folks I have never posted anything on a dl site ever, I guess its time,My story thankfully is so much like many others,I thought I was the only one on the planet w/ this kooky desire, then worked up the courage to type in "diaper" in a search engine and holy cow, what a relief there are many others w/same interest I realized it wasnt as kooky as I thought. I still keep it my secret from everyone as if anyone found out that is basically what you will be known for, remember that guy w/the nice house... remember the guy in diapers, oh yeah what a freak, I just dont want that type of attitude in my life, Im sure many of you will agree. anyway as my courage level builds I hope to contribute more in the future

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    Hi Welcome To Adisc

    Why Not Tell Us A Bit about yourself?

    what do you like to do for fun? hobbies? music tastes? book tastes?

    Hope to see you around


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    thanks for the response snaps, I am returning home from a friday night after work so my courage level is on the plus side, to answer your questions, for fun I have 2 motorcycles a 4x4 truck a couple of tractors a couple of cars, a hot accord and my new favorite an 05 grand marquis which is like driving your recliner down the highway I love it, please no old man jokes. My music tastes have changed as I have gotten older, I always loved and still do, hard / heavy metal up until the early 90s then the genre sort of passed me by. I do appreciate any thing that takes talent to produce even if i dont like it I just dont like crap generated by computers by no talent hacks which comprises 96.5% of the [email protected]#$ put out today, my point being you do not even have to know how to play an instrument and all of a sudden your a music star i.e. pick any rapper and my point is made. As far as books go I just dont have time to read any with all the tv channels available Im just kidding, but seriously I just dont have much time for reading,work/play sleep/ takes up most of my time

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