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Thread: Halo Reach Beta

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    Default Halo Reach Beta

    Okay, so i know the recent Halo games have been a let down and people have lost faith in them i still like them some. But anyway the Halo Reach MP beta come out soon for everyone that got ODST. So what i'm asking is if any one is even going to bother with it. Please leave what you think it will be like or if you are even going to try.

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    I have not choice but to try it. Most of my friends on XBL are going to be playing it since they are halo junkies. But from the sounds of it they made more like Halo 1 this time around.

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    I will! First week constantly afterwards lil less

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    I'm excited for the new game, even if it's just the beta. It will be interesting to see what they change over the course of the beta test run. Other than that, Halo: Reach sounds like Bungie has raised the bar on Halo. They'll also be ending the Halo series with this, making something completely different for their next game so it should end with a bang.

    Overall it sounds good, as long as the multiplayer keeps me as interested for a while...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    YouTube - Halo Reach Beta Reviewed!!!

    YouTube - Halo Reach Gameplay First Look!!

    I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Halo so much. Sucks that the first week of beta, an I cant take it off work at all
    I think the first week of the beta will be laggey because of all the people so i dont think you will miss much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarfiggle View Post
    I think the first week of the beta will be laggey because of all the people so i dont think you will miss much.
    I dont think it will be. 1 I dont think there will as many people as the Halo3 lanch. An 2 I pla MW2 I'm use to lag

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    I just got a pic msg from my brother and apparently he just downloaded the halo reach beta. Must have gotten in early somehow.

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