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Thread: Pres. Obama visits us Hicks :)

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    Default Pres. Obama visits us Hicks :)

    President Obama was in Asheville yesterday, about 45 minutes away form Johnson city (near my school) and it was great. He ate ribs and hiked around the BRPT.

    I was hoping to get him to go fishing with us, but he had a full day ahead of him already, maybe next time.

    Anyway, everyone was really good towards him that we saw and we had one incident with a dude who looked like an evil harry potter. - Local News - Johnson City, TN

    Other than this wack job (who was from up north anyway), it was nice to see Pres. Obama hang around with us rednecks. I may not agree with him on all things but the guy is so much more down to earth than Bush.

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    Thats pretty cool. Did you get to meet him?

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    Saddly no, I was trying to see if we could ask him to go fishing for an hour or two with us since we had the boat in the water nearby and the bass were going nuts due to that storm we had Saturday night. No joy, its hard to get a message to him on such short notice.

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    Very nice! Obama hasn't made a visit to my state since his campaign back in '08, so you're lucky to have him visit so close to home. I may have a chance to meet the man myself; one of my best friend's fathers is painting his presidential portrait. He's quite the well known artist (Though most of his fame residing in Italy :P), and I think this is the 6th presidential portrait he's done so far. When he goes to do it, there's a slim chance I might be able to meet the man himself.

    Fingers are crossed!

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    I think it would be kinda funny to see which one of AB's or DL's or TB's can be the first to shake Pres. Obama's hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    I shook his hand before he was cool.
    thats what they ALL say

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    Quote Originally Posted by silent deadly alchemist View Post
    thats what they all say

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    I know somebody in Oregon who shook his hand before he was cool.

    Who else knows somebody in Oregon who shook his hand before he was cool?


    Johnson City as in Tennessee, or is there one in WNC, too? I used to live in the Georgia-Carolinas tri-county area, near Franklin, NC. Only got to Asheville once; very nice town.

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    While he was running for President, he came here in Lynchburg, VA. and spoke at E. C. Glass high school, the same school my kids attended. There is a defunct shopping mall adjacent to the school which was given by the owners to Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University. The Falwells wouldn't let anyone who wanted to hear Obama park in the lot. They had guards chasing people away because they support conservative Republicans. Sad, isn't it.

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