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    Umm, hi I guess. TB/DL here, and it's really nice to know that I'm not alone. Still a bit nervous though. Can't believe it took me this long to remember I had an account. Bit absentminded. for hobbies? Lets see...I'm a big anime and videogame fan, I like all kinds of music from Bach to DragonForce (with the exception of [most] Gangsta Rap). I study electrical engineering, and build absolutely ludicrous things with that knowledge...hmmm. I think that's about it. Not good at these introductions. So, thats me, I suppose.

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    So I hear you live in Soviet Russia, How does the required time travel affect your day-to-day life? does it bring you Bach to the future?

    And how does the reply ewwww to dragon force make you feel?

    How does one "study" for electrical engineering?

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    Meh, lots of people say eww to DragonForce. I like the fantasy-epicness of the lyrics! It is quite the guilty pleasure XD And yeah, time traveling is a real hassle. Gorbachev is a pretty nice guy though. As for the electrical engineering? I peruse circuit diagrams, tinker with my radio until it stops working, occasionally build a ridiculously impractical contraption that is probably incredibly unwise. Built a Tesla Coil once. Damn near killed myself with it. Much more careful now.

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    lol Nikola Tesla. Circuit diagrams are pretty cool, although I really do love this xkcd one: xkcd: Circuit Diagram

    Edit: side note: do you know of Hadestown?

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    That diagram...It is glorious! I must start reading that comic. And no, I do not know of it? Why?

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    Welcome to ADISC ZorcGrandInquisitor. The only Russian I part haft remember came from the movie Hunt for Red October. I did study some electronics about 10 years ago, but do not use it much now. Enjoy!

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    In Soviet Russia, Dragon Force YOU!

    Nah, I used to be a fan of them, but have since gone on to explore less "happy" metal. Like Tool and (especially) Lamb of God. And lots of other stuff... but the interesting thing about metal is its similarity to classical music. That's why I love it!

    I have to admit, despite being very well known around my home town for computing skills, electrical engineering is an area in which I lack expertise, although I wouldn't mind learning it.

    Welcome to ADISC! You seem like a cool dude. Enjoy ^_^


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    I have to admit, I have only heard one Dragonforce song and that was a cover of "the neverending story". (I think...)
    Anyways, welcome to the forums!

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