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Thread: Hello Adisc :)

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    Smile Hello Adisc :)

    I registered with this website a while back. But Today I came back and decided to introduce myself to ADISC to browse the forums xD.

    Well... My name is really Roy. My parents are Irish American. I have brown hair and I'm fairly short. I really don't know where my name came from. Everytime I ask my parents, they make up totally different stories that arent even close to the one they had told me before. I'm a single child living with loving parents. I'm 15 but like I said, I'm pretty short. About 4ft 6in. I'm used to being short. It's also one of those things that makes me a TBDL. Won't tell you my school due to privacy reasons. :0 I found about about TBDL like most of us did. We all probably thought we were the only ones.. But eventually on the internet, we stumbled upon something related. It pretty much started when I was 4. I had been potty trained at 1 1/2 years old. But then i entered preschool. I was the most shy person that you would ever meet. I wouldn't talk to anyone unless I needed something. But usually this "something" was to go to the restroom. Being shy and all, I still really couldn't ask the teacher to allow me to use he restroom. So I just sat on the ABCs carpet on a black square and had an "accident". Happened most of the year and my parents decided to cope with it. Entering 1st grade, I had a couple of accidents, but this also included doing #2. I finally realized it was all embarrasing. But I couldn't control it. I was finally wearing pull-ups to school until it gradually decreased. It stopped during the day, but it continues in the night. My parents decided to move after all those accidents. And thats where I end up now. They know that I have accidents at night, and understand what goes on. All they don't know is that I actually enjoy their attention.

    That's all I have to say, and hopefully I will enjoy ADISC.

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    I'm like a whole foot taller than you! (And I'm still short >_>)

    Are they still "accidents" or do you do it on purpose for the attention?

    Now to the important stuff. What kind of music do you like? Games? TV? Do you have a hitchhiker's thumb? Are your fingerprints swirls or loops? Other stuffs?

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    Hi, Roy --

    Wow, that's pretty short. Have they ever tested you for low growth hormone? Either way, welcome to ADISC. We are a very supportive community even, and especially for, short people.

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    It's the genes, thats what's my parents told me. My grandmother and father were really short. It seems impossible to me, but if I go to a family reunion.... it's like everyone is no more than 1 foot taller than me.

    As for the accidents, they aren't intended to be on purpose. As I said I was shy, so i'd be litterally shocked and scared if it happened now xD. I don't have daytime accidents alot, but they occasionally happens. It's usually during the night now.

    As for my interests,
    I like alot of different music. From Techno to Country. It depends on the song that is heard. Mostly, I like it due to it's rhythm. Well, Modern Warfare 2 is my favorite game. So I'm interested in shooting games. I really don't have a favorite TV show. It's mostly whatever I see, I shall watch. I think that's pretty much it.

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    It is not so unusual that it is nervous in the beginning. There is a big step to begin pre-school.

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    Welcome to ADISC, hope you enjoy youre time here

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