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Thread: Has it ever faded away?

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    Question Has it ever faded away?

    Ever since i have been a dl/tb, I have gone through stages where i have lost the urge to be a dl/tb (for months at a time). Then it came back. Does anyone else experience this situation???

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    Yes and i think that youll find many people go through the binge purge cycle.

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    Yeah, I get that, but then I make myself wear again, and I'm like, "Yeah, this is nice"

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    That's normal I went almost all winter and then started up again, and haven't missed a day in 2 months.

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    I've got ups and downs, they are usually measured in weeks rather than months though...

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    I've noticed my intense diaper desires come sometimes with the seasons. I tend to be more active in Spring and Fall. It seems to coincide with the sex cycle. But like other respondants, if i put on a diaper, I immediately start to regress and the fun begins again regardless of the time of year.
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    I'm DL and do go through cycles. Once I wore every night for three months, and have gone years with out. ( I'm 48 & rediscovered diapers when I was 6.) I've never thrown away a unused diaper, purged, but I tend to leave them alone when I'm not stressed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojodiaper View Post
    It's called the (Binge/Purge Cycle)
    Hmm, I should add more to that article sometime...

    But yes, as people have already pointed out, it's the Binge/Purge cycle. At one time you are really into is and love it a lot, other times you have no interest whatsoever. It's quite common. I myself went on a purge for a good year or so, but then I came back into it stronger than ever. If you're worried about it, don't be.

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