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Thread: Happy Saturday from Sydney, Australia!

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    Default Happy Saturday from Sydney, Australia!

    Have been reading these forums for a while and figured that it was time for me to stop being such a stranger and say "hello!"

    I'm 24, live in Sydney and have a super supportive girlfriend that supports my love of diapers. Before telling her about the "true me" I was convinced that I was forever going to live a lonely, secretive life - but now that it's all in the open - I feel fantastic.

    I'm a fairly average kind of guy - love to party with friends, drink excessive amounts of alcohol and stumble home.

    I love my job ... (I work as a news producer)

    What else ... hmm ... my favourite diapers are the Abri Form X Plus ... goooo team!

    So yeah ... that's me! (Say hi!)

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    Hello welcome to adisc

    always good to see another aussie on the forums there seems to be an ever growing number of us on here too!

    From Snaps

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    Hi welcome to ADISC, have you any other hobbies/interest's? hope you enoy yourself here

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    Good on you mate, welcome to ADISC. To have found a girl who accepts the true you is a very nappy situation to be in. News production! Now that is an interesting job. Like to hear more sometime. Enjoy your stay. Must go soon as it is an early start tomorrow. Bye.

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    Gosh, am I reading my clock wrong? It is almost 7am here in Los Angeles on Saturday my time, so is that early Sunday morning in Sydney? We are on daylight savings time here, but didn't you lot switch to winter time already? It gets so confusing.

    Welcome to ADISC. Have fun here. My husband and I spent 6 weeks in Australia last year from early November to mid December. We will be back this year from Mid November until early December, with stops in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney for sure. If possible we will also visit Adelaide and Brisbane.

    Australia is a fantastic country.

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    Yeah Australia is beautiful - I love it here.

    Other hobbies ... hmm ... I'm a fairly boring kind of guy ... I love playing Playstation and watching crappy/trashy shows on MTV such as "Date My Mom" and "Next."
    It's currently 7:20 on Sunday night here in Sydney ... am just lounging around on the couch in an Abri Form X Plus watching a show about police dogs

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    Hey rhino, cute pic! Nice intro too. Your circumstances sound very similar to myself. My wife also supports my nappy wearing. I'm so lucky!

    There seems to be a mass influx of aussies joining adisc at the moment, weird! Not that I'm complaining! Welcome to the site. Hope to chat with you sometime.

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    Oh goodie. Another sydney sider joins the ranks of Adisc. Greetings!

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