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    Hey there,
    I've to say I've been always stunned by diapers and not needing them. But because I've made some pleasant steps in my fetish life (I'm not only into diapers), I decided to buy some (I've made some excuses why to wear them especially for practical reasons). Well, I like both, paper disposable and cloth one. And decided for cloth, Omutsu specifically. Yes there are many others like YuYun,... and they differs just by different design, but my question is, do cloth diapers leak thus I have to wear plastic pants over them? I'm not going tu use diapers because of serious incontinence (for my problem the insert pads would help same way), but also I don't want to soak my trousers right.

    So that's one question. Other is, have anynone ever bought sleepers form all-in-one company (uk)? Yes, I know, there is for example jumping jammerz, I like their design (also yesterday found they provide hoody sleepers), but I more intend to the uk company. The question is, when they don't use PayPal, can I trust them? I definitely wouln't like to get my bank account robed.

    The last question is, have you ever seen a corduroy dungarees? In brown or (dark) grey colour? I've searched through amazon, and the whole internet, but found only denim one. And for me, it's the last resort. I can't say I don't like denim, but cord's much better. Denim is very stiff and not very flexible especially in the crotch area, and when you have to sit in train for 4OO kms it's almost a nightmare. At the end, I'm an adult grown of about 180 cm and about 112 cm in chest area.

    Thanks for comments in advance, kushnus.

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    Yes it is best to use plastic pants over cloth diapers to help prevent leaks. Yes I have ordered and received a sleeper from the all-in-one UK company with little problem.

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    First choice of material turned out to be factory spoiled. So we just chose another.

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