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Thread: Diapers in China?

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    Question Diapers in China?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm taking a vacation to China next month, and I want to use my two weeks there to try out some interesting new diapers.

    I know people have mentioned several Chinese diapers here before, including Dr. P (I love the name!) and Elderjoy. For those of you who have been to China, I'm interested to hear if there's any other Chinese diaper brands that you would recommend.

    I'm also interested to know where you can buy diapers in China. Can you get them at a supermarket, or do you have to go to pharmacies or specialty stores?

    I'm going to be staying in Shenzhen, which is right next to Hong Kong. So if anyone's familiar with HK diapers, I'd love to hear what brands are available there also.

    One final thing - I'm very curious to learn what Chinese attitudes are like toward diapers and incontinence. Just looking at the diapers themselves, it seems like the Chinese are much more open about incontinence. Adult diapers are actually called adult diapers on the packaging (not "absorbent underwear" or "fitted protection" or anything like that) and some of the diapers have very baby-ish designs. For people who are familiar with China -- is it accurate to say that diapers/incon is less of a taboo there?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't have first hand experience, but I have read that the Chinese are more pragmatic about certain things. The pharmacies there do sell adult diapers. I think some of the baby diapers are sold in larger sizes than what is available in the United States.

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    Default Here is some nice ones.

    I have some very nice diapers and pants from China by a site recommended by members here. Namely NiceDiaper.Com - All Wholesale Price

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    Look for Chinese brands such as Dr. P and Comfry.

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    I was in Guangzhou last June with my wife and I bought some Elderjoy and another brand called Safe' In....I like the Elderjoy much more than the other brand due to the hearts on the landing strip, but I wouldn't say that either brand was better than a Depends....

    Adult diapers are sold at some grocery stores there, but not all....I did not see any other adult brands than those two when I was there, not even the Chinese Depends...

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    Isn't Yuyun a Chinese company? Some of their cloth diapers looked interesting.

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