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    Talking hello all

    Hello eberyone, I'm anew member and a TB/DL. I dislike sharing my name online so you can call me what you wish. I'm still trying to find the timing to go out and buy diapers, it's hard when you have a family that's almost always home.

    Anyway it's a pleasure to meet you all

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    Hello and welcome to the site, I did also have a hard time buying and wearing diapers while living at home!

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    A pleasure to meet you too, almighty Shadow Prince of Hearts!

    And on that, I'll stick with Shadow Prince for short - cos that sounds quite cool too =]

    As for your situation with getting diapers... yeah there's a sh**load of us on the same boat. However there's loads of suggestions about how to work around parents finding out, and privacy, and everything else if you look in the right places [the ADISC wiki pages have some good suggestions!].

    Well, happy posting sir!

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    Check out the diaper forum, and there should be a thread somewhere in there about how to get diapers.

    Anyways, welcome to our community! I hope that you enjoy it here!

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