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Thread: Hi everybody!

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    Smile Hi everybody!

    Hello everyone!

    Wanted to say hi & introduce myself. I've been active on some other forums and sites (, but am new to ADISC.

    I love diapers, and I've been fully 24/7 for over a year now!

    My story is a little different from most ab/dls in that I got a late start learning to love diapers. While I wet the bed a few times growing up, my first adult experience was not until I was 19 and in a car accident. I was in the hospital for several weeks, and at first was catheterized. They removed it at some point, but I was still largely unable to get around without assistance. I had a bedpan, but perhaps it was the painkillers... I had a hard time using it, and I found myself diapered. The staff was extremely professional about it, but being a typical know-it-all 19 yr old, I was humiliated by the experience. I remember when friends/family came to visit me being petrified they might realize I was wearing a diaper. I was lucky to be alive and and alright these days, fortunately.

    When I was healed, the experience stuck with me in a strange way. It was not fun at the time, but there was something about diapers... a year or two later I got the courage to buy some and try them and there's been no turning back since!

    I've always had a weak bladder and would occasionally wear during the day, but I always wanted to go 24/7. The first few tries where awkward adjustments, but currently I am 24/7 and doubt I will ever stop. In fact, I'm proud to say I've reached the point of both day and nighttime wetting. It really hit home when, after about 6 months of wearing, I went to a museum undiapered and had an accident! Since then I'm not taking any chances. I'm happy to chat with anyone about my experiences going full time - it's been a journey!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Your story is pretty interesting. But are there any other things you like or do, besides diapers?

    Hmmm... kind of weird. It says that you joined in January, but have had only one thread an one post.

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    Welcome to ADISC, DC Bad Boy!

    My friends in the medical profession tell me that accidents are a leading cause of temporary and even profound incontinence in young men. This is also true of young women.

    The goal of ADISC is to support you in any way that makes you feel better. I am a urinary incontinent woman of 45 who finds playing AB helps me cope. Around here we have all sorts of members, so chances are strong some of us have common experiences with you. The more you tell us the faster you will make good friends.

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