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    Hello everyone. I'm an age 22 male furry who is currently just diaper-curious (still haven't tried any yet), but will likely become a full out DL (Wetting? Maybe. Messing? Nope, it's jut not for me). I do feel rather uncomfortable about it, so hopefully being here will help me come to accept it. It doesn't help that I'm still stuck living with family, but my paranoid tendencies, while sometimes annoying, help me be very cautious when it comes to things that should be kept hidden. :P

    I'm not really into AB though, and was actually one of those people who have had negative misconceptions about it at first, but by lurking these sorts of communities and reading some articles, I have come to understand it better and respect it.

    I'm a shy person who often can't put his thoughts into words, so I easily become nervous and end up with completely blank thoughts on what to say. I probably won't post much due to that, but I'll still be around.

    Feel free to contact me via PM or whatever, as that's probably the best way to get me talking. :P

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    I think I like you... Don't screw it up!

    Well what do you do in your free time? Music, video games, movies, hobbies?

    OOOOH! What's your fursona, too?

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    Well, when it comes to music, I just go looking randomly for whatever catches my ear. I don't really stick to a specific genre, though I do tend to avoid certain ones like rap. Other than that, I could enjoy anything ranging from heavy metal to classical. I also love game soundtracks, even if they're the old 8-bit chiptunes (Megaman 2 ftw). :P

    I am quite a gamer. I like almost anything, with the exception of most sports games and complex RPGs (with some exceptions). My favorite type would be action/RPGs and action/Adventures, stuff like Zelda, Dark Cloud, and the Mana series. I also love side-scrolling platformers like Metroid, Castlevania, and Megaman.

    Movies? I rarely ever watch them. I just have a small collection of older, but good movies on VHS, with my favorites being the good ol' George Lucas productions. :P

    My fursona's a wolf, the second most overabundant species of the fandom. XP

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    Well, I guess it's pretty arguable whether wolves or foxes are the more abundant ones. I guess it just depends on the community/website. *shrugs*

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    There was a poll somewhere and someone posted the results here. It showed wolves on top. I think wolf is above fox, tbh.

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    Ehhh, whatever. I guess it's not really something we should worry about. :P

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    Well, I honestly haven't had too many encounters with what I consider "complex" RPGs, but it's just pretty much anything that takes a lot of time to learn or has confusing stat/equipment/move/etc. systems. A fine example of this would be Unlimited SaGa. But who knows, maybe I just let that game give me a bad impression of other complex RPGs. o.o

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    Tales of Vesperia = win. I <3 it. WAY better than Final Fantasy. It's like a video game version of Final Fantasy (FF is too much like one giant movie). A bit too cartoony, though. If they had a similar look to FF it would be amazing. that's the ONLY reason my brothers won't play it. They say it "looks gay". >_>

    They don't make enough action/adventure games. >_> I hate it!

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