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Thread: Question Regarding The "MOMENT" You Knew

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    Default Question Regarding The "MOMENT" You Knew

    At what age did you first start to consider you had AB/DL (one or the other, or both) tendencies - not necessarily knowing what your yearnings/feelings indicated? Once you came to understand these feelings, regardless of the name you gave them, what age were you when you did act upon them? I'll start by saying that I was only able to acknowledge these desires, to myself, very late in life. However, my first thought, knowing something was "wrong" with what I was feeling, was at age 4. Of course this is only looking back on events and analyzing my mother's reaction when she found me trying to diaper myself for the first time at age 4. So many wasted years!

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    I first had feelings when I was 5; I knew something was "peculiar" about the whole thing, yet I couldn't describe it. I think I "experimented" when I was 8, but out of fear that I would get caught, I stopped. I found out what those feelings were called when I was 13 (a very shocking thing to discover about oneself), and I was most certainly in denial until the age of 15 (I did not act out on it during that 2 year period; I was too scared to). It takes time to accept yourself; that's for sure.

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    I was about 3-5 years old (can't remember exactly how old) when I first had these feelings, however, I can remember suddenly becoming rather disinterested in them before forgetting about them for a while. When I was 13, I started to have similar feeleings to what I felt back then, and after some deep thought and research, I found out I was a TB/DL. I was pretty confused at first, but after joining this site last year, I found it much easier to accept it and came to terms with my different feelings.

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    I remember being kinda fascinated by diapers when I was 5 or 6. After that the only really clear memories of wanting to try diapers was when I was 9 or 10 and learned that astronauts wore them on liftoff and space walks. Didn't really act of these feeling for another couple of years when I made some makeshift diapers and eventually bought some Goodnites. I was probably about 12 then and had found some ABDL and watersports stuff online.

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    I find this interesting, did most people here actually have "a moment" to realize AB/DL tendencies? Growing up, I just remember wanting to be a baby, and to wear/use diapers in particular, to have been an omnipresent emotion. In other words, I don't remember a point I *didn't* want to be in diapers again.

    I still identify with MM above in a different instance, in that I did have a moment where I realized it wasn't just me. Age 12, I was suspended from school for a fight and had the computer and the internet to myself for a whole magical day, and it was then I found out I wasn't the only one who wanted to wear diapers, and that there's a whole world of us out there. I was well aware that I wanted to wear diapers. But until then, I thought I was just some extremely unusual defect.

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    I was about 6 when I first got a desire to be diapered and wanting to be a baby again. I acted on it every time I was at someone's house that had a baby and had a chance to sneek into the nursery to live out my needs. I almost got caught a couple of times, but that did not stop me. I always felt more comfortable being in diapers and plastic pants and being in a nursery setting. I never knew why I felt that way, I just did. I wasn't until I was 29 that I found out that there were others who felt the same way I did. You can't believe how happy I was to know that there wasn't something wrong with me and others liked it too. I'm glad now that I never let anything get in my way of being the baby I was when I was younger. I continue to be a baby now (see my pics).

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    For me it wasn't something that came to me but something that was always there. Pretty much the moment that I was potty trained (probably 2-3 years old), rather, as long as I can remember. I knew that those feelings were somehow "wrong" and I had to keep them hidden from everyone. I actually started acting on my feelings when I was probably 12 or 13 when I began ripping the packs of adult diapers open and stealing them from the grocery stores (bad BAD fucking idea) and either put them on in the bathroom and take them home with me. I would also try to wrap towels around myself and emulate a diaper or use a plastic bag and some paper towels which didn't typically work too well.

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    I know for myself I didn't identify the feelings until high school, but since I was 7 I can remember craving regression in all different forms. It was after a big emotional issue that I really started clinging to the idea of going back into diapers and having back a babyhood. I grew and it never left.
    The internet is a blissful thing. It kept me from going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with me for wanting what I craved.

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    THis is interesting - there's a theme emerging. First stirrings around the age of five, first real acting out at about the age of 12-13. This makes me typical.

    My first experiments involved wearing as many coats as possible, with a plastic raincoat on top. I was five. I liked the feeling of immobility. I had no idea why. I had a dream about soiling myself when I was about seven, and felt very confused and excited when i woke up, and by the time I was twelve I was experimenting with towels and plastic bags, like Absolute. But the towels were towels, not paper. I was one step ahead.

    Sometime that year my uncle came to visit. (Don't worry!) He was an enthusiastic cyclist, and when he left he forgot his heavy-guage rain poncho. It was thick PVC. I was ruined.

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    Hi everyone
    I got busted my first time befor I was 5, I had put on sevral training pants with plastic pants over them. Then the hole family went to some friends for a night out. I wet my self the hole time we were there then when we got home I was sent to get redy for bed. It took me to long to get them off and my dad came in to check on me, there I was with part of them still on and sokeing wet (has anyone ever tryed to get sokeing wet training pants that are to small off)it was a long time befor I tryed anything like that again.
    But any way thats the first I remember doing anything DL like I was 4ish

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