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Thread: This may be a stupid question...

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    Hey everyone, I'm making the makeshift disposable from the wiki and I was wondering if there's anything to substitute the tape on the padding? Is it even needed?

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    Well...When I used to make my own diapers I would take a trash bag....and instead of making holes in it...I would put the papertowels or whatever long ways on the trashbag (unopened and flattened)...then i would tie the corners together.

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    Cool, I'll give it a shot. Thanks a lot ^^

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    Okay, I made it and wet it a little and it seems to be holding up, it's just a little cold and uncomfortable down there lol

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    that's usual with homemade diapers, there's no stretchiness to it and it will stretch out a bit. If you put underwear over it, it helps a bit. The plastic will stick to the skin and be a little annoying. You can try a little baby powder or something like that to help.

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    I also used bath towels....its a lot thicker, reliable, and comfortable...if you like thick. You WILL feel the wetness though.

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