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Thread: Can you describe yourself?

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    Default Can you describe yourself?

    In only 5 words?

    Some people go for 5 words, but other people are quite canny with this game and manage to make a mini sentence, which I think immediately suggests they're quite smart or quick witted!

    So, how would you describe yourself in 5 words? Be as honest as you can

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    I am totally f*cking awesome.

    I do believe that's five.


    Post number 700. Even more awesome.
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    Hopelessly drowning in life's ocean.

    Take that how you wish. I interpret it in two ways, minimum, but there are others. Give it a week and I'll have something new.

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    A wavy bushel of hair.


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    ring ring ring banana phone

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    I like cuddly teddy bears. :p :p :p

    I don't think I could give a serious five word answer...I'm not succinct enough.

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    Two cool people in one

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    Fair and reasonable, I am!

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