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Thread: Where to get a fursuit made?

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    Default Where to get a fursuit made?

    This thread may have been done before, but honestly, I have been devoloping my furry side and it has been getting to a point where I would very much like a suit.

    Trouble is is that while I am good at designing things, I am rubbish at anything to do with crafty skills. Unfortunate. So do you guys think there would be anywhere I could get one made without making myself look too ridicoulous to whoever makes it? Price is no real object in a matter like this.

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    Fursuits by Lacy
    Fursuiters UK - Where To Buy Fursuits

    2 links I found there expensive though for full suits can go into the thousands.

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    Yeah, fursuits, depending on the quality, can go anywhere from $600 to $2000 dollars. I don't know the exchange rate for where you live, but that's damn expensive over here.

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    If you're looking for premade suits, there's always the general furry auction sites -

    Furbid Auctions
    FurBuy - Furry Electronic Auctions
    Dealers Den

    If you're looking to get a custom-made suit, there are several artists available. Average cost is between $600-1000 for a partial, and $1200-2500+ (USD) for a full suit, depending on the artist. They're generally not exactly cheap.

    My advice is to do a bit of research on the artist before you commission a new suit. Check the LJ community of "Artists_Beware" and see if people have complained about the suit creator taking forever on commissions, giving people the runaround, etc. That tends to happen quite a bit with a lot of artists, for some reason. <.< >.>

    Since you're in Australia, there is one local suit builder in the Brisbane area, I beleive. Oz Kangaroo. His site info is below:

    Critter Country

    He's also "ozkangaroo" on FA...although I don't think its ok to link that here.

    Hope that helps...good luck!
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    Thanks for the replies guys, seems reasonable enough. Prices are kinda high although that was to be expected really.....

    I will definetely check out the local one in Brisbane, too. I would prefer an Australian made one as I have never had good experience with overseas buying.

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    Komickrazi Studios - Art and Costumes
    she does good fur suit for a decent price, she is the one that did sulli for me and wally for my mate.

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    If you really want an awesome fursuit, you should visit Lion of the Sun. He can include motorized body parts such as tails and wings, as well as a variety of sensors, like night vision cams.

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