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    I usually wear Depends, but since visiting this site, I have found out that there are brands that I might like better

    Anyway, my question is, other than Depends what brand would you recommend for me that I can buy in stores? ( Walmart, CVS, etc.) I don't want to buy online because it will show up on my debit, and my parents can view my debit account

    I'm looking for diapers with tape sides, and I prefer really thick ones. I don't know about baby diapers yet...

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    I can't really answer your question because I'm from the UK, and it appears you are from the US of A. However i would be extremely surprised if this question has not been asked many times before on the forum, so do a search with some related keywords and see what you find. Also just to let you know, you are supposed to do that before making a new topic anyway.

    Good luck finding your new diapers.

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    I suggest a visa giftcard from CVS.

    They don't leave purchase histories.

    Parents ask, tell them it was for a friend's birthday.

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    Many manufacturers will send you samples. I think there's a post stuck somewhere around ADISC that will give you that. Tranquility and Attends both have 800 numbers that will offer some.

    There are a few outlets that will take PAYPAL which may give you enough obfuscation on your statement. DRy247 does and so do some retailers.

    Get the phone book (or use one of the online places) and find out if there are any medical supply stores in your area (try google maps there tends to be way more in my area than I thought from looking in the phone book). Call them or stop buy and find out what brands they support. Usually they have pretty bland offerings because medicaid only pays a certain price and so they get the cheap ones. But sometimes they have good ones. I found a little drug store/medical supply place not far from my house that stocks the TENA ultra.

    TENA (other than the consumer "pullups"), TRANQUILITY (especially the ATNs), Molicare are all worth trying.

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