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Thread: Ab universe sample pack review.

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    Default Ab universe sample pack review.

    I figured If I review all the diapers and products, it will help people in there search for diapers. But I just got it yesterday. I tryed the Abean pull up yesterday and will give that a review today. And tomarow i will review the Abean X4 or what ever its called.

    Now for the pull up. The fit is great becuse of the extra elastics and the absorbancy will hold about 3 cups of liquid. I didn't go all the way with it but it could hold more. It did leak once, but that may have been my fault.

    So overal it's defenatly a good choice for those looking for pull ups. But don't go over board or you may leak. So it would be a 8/10

    Now the plastic pants where great. They fit well and are comfy. Plus the ones I got are cute. If i can i will post a picture. But more reviews to come.

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    I got the pic of the plastic pants so take a look. I like the cute cat and the bear. Both very cute in my opinion.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	plastic pants.jpg 
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ID:	774 I am hoping this photo posts. But if not it will be in my pics on my acount. Don't forget to click the image, it is better full sized.

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    Ok The next review of the Abean Xform diapers. I got to say they are amazing. I drank about 3 32oz glasses of water and I peed like crazy. The diaper took all of it. And still had room for a little more. The comfort is defenatly great with the 2 tapes on each side. It is very thick, but didn't keep me from doing any major movement.

    This diaper was great so 9/10

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    I'm sorry if this isn't a dumb question, but where exactly did you get the adorable plastic pants? Looking for some myself and have some extra cash around. Great job on the detailed review. I've been looking for a new diaper (CVS style just isn't working anymore). So I'm actually reading your reviews thoroughly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lokisfenrir View Post
    I'm sorry if this isn't a dumb question, but where exactly did you get the adorable plastic pants? Looking for some myself and have some extra cash around. Great job on the detailed review. I've been looking for a new diaper (CVS style just isn't working anymore). So I'm actually reading your reviews thoroughly.

    It comes with the sample pack but it may be diffrent.

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    Ok now I will review both the super dry kids and cushise.

    They both have great absorbency, and they have durrable plastic. The one tape is weird for me but with the fit it gives, i can get use to it. So over all its a 8/10

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    @lokisfenrir: You should check out loopys reviews if you are looking to pick up some premium diapers. They are much longer and have pictures and stuff.

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    [/COLOR]Ok next review. Took me forever to find time to wear. I tryed the value brand, and it's not such a good diaper. It is very flimsy so it was hard to tape on. And when it dose, it holds a decent amount but will leak. Plastic pants should be worn. So unless you realy want to save money, I would not recomment them. So 5/10.
    And on a side note Ab universe is having a cincodemayo sale. All Cushies are 15% off order. If you are a member, it,s 25%. It will be on for a while so buy some while you can. I am sure they will start dissapearing after 3 days.

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    I also got an AB Universe sample pack, $20 total including shipping. I rarely buy diapers, so when I do, I like to try different brands and usually get sample packs. As sample packs go, this is a pretty good one, although it would have been nice if it had included two of some of the items (probably not cost feasible for them, but it would have been good nonetheless). The pack arrived in a discreet box with no identifying markings.

    It features five items that are AB Universe originals -- plastic pants, Cushies, Stay Dry Kids, and large and small booster pads. It's surprising that the plastic pants are able to be offered in this pack as one usually costs about $13. I've never worn plastic pants before but these are pretty nice. They have a cloth covering over the plastic; mine is Hello Kitty. You get a tight seal around the legs and waist and it's a satisfying feeling pulling them up over a diaper. I haven't yet used the Cushies but they look nice. I've tried on but not wet the Stay Dry Kids and this looks like a great diaper. It has one tape on each side and it's a very neat feeling to just fasten that one tape. The plastic has inverted dimples on it, something I've never encountered in a diaper. Plus, it's super noisy, with the crinkles being voluminous in a way that Depend even isn't. The tape landing zone in front adds to that, making this potentially the noisiest diaper I've ever used (would have to wear it in public to be sure). The large booster is pretty wide and long and would add bulk to any diaper; I haven't used it yet. The small is probably a little bigger than the largest maxi pad available.

    In addition to these, the pack contains a pull-up, an Attends Extended Wear (cloth-backed), Assure diaper (plastic) and both a plastic and a cloth-backed Abri-Form X-Plus. I've never tried the cloth AirPlus Abri-Form but it's pretty pleasant; it's basically the exact same bulk as the regular but with a cloth cover. I've actually really been liking the pull-up. I tried a Reassure pull-up sample from HDIS a few years ago and it didn't do it for me. This one seems much bulkier than that, maybe even bulkier than a Depend. I haven't yet wet the pull-up but just enjoy putting it on; it's a very satisfying feeling bringing the padding up to cup around your nether regions. However, it's clear that this isn't of the "made for men" ilk, as it has very little padding up front, similar to Reassure.

    So give it a try if you're looking for a good sample pack.

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