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  • Rock [Explain Which]

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  • pop

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  • World [plz explain]

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  • dance

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  • rave

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  • techno

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  • Classical

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  • house

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  • funk

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  • top400

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    14 50.00%
  • punk

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  • talk

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  • easy listening

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  • Other [plz explain]

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Thread: favorite music

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    Anything under the 'rock' category, from soft rock all the way to hard core death metal, on the more extreme ends of things, I tend to not look at the artist and just play a ton of songs from all the genres(IE. commit myself to knowing about and liking certain bands, for me it's just, 'whatever')

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    pretty much all of the above. i listen to just about everything. i've never understood why people limit themselves so much.

    i have this one friend who's sort of like my folk music buddy. we're both fiddle-players and we get together and play a lot of irish and old-time american folk tunes. one time i tried to play her a skinny puppy album i'd been listening to a lot lately. she was like "WHAT!? you listen to THIS!? i thought you were a FOLK musician!"

    ...just cause you like folk music doesn't mean you can't also like screaming hardcore industrial. ._.

    i also tend to run with kind of an indie-rock crowd, so it surprises a lot of people that i listen to stuff like muse and nine inch nails that's really popular. i almost have to hide it from some people, as if i'm less cool because i listen to stuff other than twee indie pop bands that only like twelve people in the entire world have ever heard of. believe me i LOVE music like that, but i don't understand how people can listen to local indie rock exclusively and never explore any of the other great stuff out there.

    ...just cause it's popular doesn't mean it's not cool. ._.

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    Rock, metal, and video game music are my favorites... but I like some other stuff too.

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    My top 25 artists on - in order of most listened to least listened.

    Boards of Canada, Daft Punk, Autechre, Air, M83, Kraftwerk, Röyksopp, Gary Numan, Ulver, Duran Duran, Digitalism, Kavinsky, Jega, Mylo, Ochre, Venetian Snares, Joy Electric, The Knife, a-ha, Justice, Pleiadians, Rammstein, MSTRKRFT, Björk, Thomas Bangalter.

    Here's a few of my favourite tracks.

    Boards of Canada - June 9th

    Autechre - Gantz Graf

    Ambient Electronic
    Autechre - Nine

    Electronic Pop
    Air - Surfing On A Rocket

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    Oh, I'm most heavily into electronic music. It's difficult to be more precise than that, since my tastes span most of the subgenres of it. Has anybody heard the track 'Undreamt' by Concentrick? That's pretty awesome.

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    Mostly Rock, and pretty much anything under that genre I can enjoy.

    But, I've mostly stuck to Emo, Metal, Hardcore, Screamo, Punk, and some Classic Rock.

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