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    The admins at my school are removing my login. because of ADISC and some of the more pornographic sites that this links to. Anyone know a way around this? I'm grounded for a year, and I don't want to be away from here for too long.

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    Um not really. You shouldn't go on ABDL sites at school, that's about all I can say. And holy crap, a year is a long time to be grounded. Maybe you should be reconsidering what you did, and trying to correct that behavior instead of finding ways to sneak online.

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    The school is the one who set the rules and you broke them, you are being punished for that. You need to accept the consequences of your actions, maybe then you'll realise what you did was wrong. Admittingly a year is a long time to be grounded but if it's how long you need to think about what you did then so be it.
    Honestly, why you thought it was appropriate to look at these sites when you knew you were being monitored is beyond me. Particularly the more pornographic sites.

    And if they have removed your login then I don't think there is a way to get back in.

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    What do you mean by "school"? Like during classtime? Don't do it and come back to ADISC from your home computer.
    If by "school" you mean "boarding school", then I dunno the laws in your country. Over here, it'd be an invasion of privacy to censor websites that aren't pornographic (or at all, if you're 18 or over). In that case, look for proxy sites. There's plenty of those out there.

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    If it's an actual school computer then don't bother if it's your own like a laptop using the schools network a proxy should do the trick.

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    If it is a boarding school, I do understand, but in reality I believe that ADISC should be a site that you shouldn't be visiting in schools. Especially since they can view what you are doing. But I do thing that the year grounding is pretty bad.

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    Yeah, it's not hard to find out about embarressing stuff to be brought up like your visit's and in particular just the fact your a TB or DL. Because it is probably just going to cause you stress. I mean what kind of home access do you have anyway?
    Anyways, I bet you can come up with a better plan on how to appropriately handle this kind of thing.

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    I'm a TA to IT at our school. Just for everyone's safety, everyplace a student or staff member goes is recorded, and can be printed out on demand. I've seen these printouts when a student is suspected of going on inappropriate sites. Every keystroke is recorded, so be careful out there.

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    I didn't mean to go onto these porn sites. Just accidentally clicked some links. Furthermore, I can't access ADISC from school cause I can't do it from home, on account of being grounded and my parents blocked it. They grounded me because I've become more accepting of my TB/DLness.

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    Hate to say it, but this looks like a case where you might want to re-think your attachment to this hobby/fetish/lifestyle. Obviously its interfering with real life.

    Time to back off on this and put more priority on other things? (He says, when he should really flip back to the other window and finish his taxes....)

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