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Thread: help:some one willing to get into my account

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    Default help:some one willing to get into my account

    Okay so I've registered for a account on and I'm using my blackberry curve to fill out my profile(I don't have internet for the next week) and I'm stuck do to a technical glitch where it asked you to enter your country and when u do that a box appears where your are supposed to start entering a city and then it populates a list of choices which look like this...seattle,washington,united states...only issue is you fill it out the list shows up u click on the appropriate one and instead of the city state and country u get a digit code like 269449 or something to that effect...then when u submit its not likng it and will ask me to enter the city way to skip I can't finish creating my what I'm hoping for is someone is up this late and is willing to log on to my profile(ill trust you) and use your home computer to finish this part for me...some bio details will have to be entered again but if you add me to your messenger(my info for all of them is on my profile so is my cell for texts...some one please be willing to do that...please add me on your messenger so I can tell u what to enter...

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    Default its taken care off...thread can be closed...thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by Lizzie View Post
    Why don't you just wait until you can get on a computer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lizzie View Post
    Why don't you just wait until you can get on a computer?
    ****This thread can be closed now****

    All I have is my blackberry right now till I can get my internet back on...moving into a new house on the first...the request was strange I know but I figured at the time it was worth a shot...any how I had a local friend get on and update/fix and upload photos to diaper-bois and several other its all taken care of....I was having problems because neither of the browsers were working well with the registration page where it got to that one question....its probably a java issue...who knows...its fixed now....

    ****this thread can be closed now ty****

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