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    Hey I'm Jay and yes I am new to this site. I live in Utah were people want everyone to be the same so it took me a while to find out who i am. I love writing and art even though i am not a good speller. I am in a relationship but it is not doing well because i finally said that i liked diapers. I'm not sure if I'm a TB or just a DL yet.

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    Hello Jay, and welcome to ADISC. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Sup Jay, I'm tbjay (Glad I made those extra two intials so now we can't be confused as easily. ) It's actually a play on the TB I am/was as well as a play on PBJ (Peanut butter jelly sandwiches) because I love peanut butter jelly sandwiches and had them for the first time a year before joining here. I hope it also stands as some cleverness when it comes to writing, because I love to write as well.

    How's your art? I love art but it always looks kindergardish....(Not that I complain...) I usually like to trace pictures off the computer and then color them in. (That's where the real fun is!)

    Kudos for being brave, and no matter what happens, don't let it wreck you completly, (the relationship I mean)

    Your fortunate to have this community around, they can be quite helpful. And I feel fortunate to welcome a new member I all ready seem to have some things in common with. Makes me feel a little less alienated, ya know?


    (Utah? I'm in Nevada. We're practically cousins!.....Well, neighbors, at least. )

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    welcome jay!

    hope u have a great time here!
    will be great to get to know you sometime!

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    Dude that is a friggin sweet avatar!

    I mean shoot, I wanna friend ya just to look at the big puppy dawg!

    Oh and welcome to the site an stuff.

    *** Did I mention that I'm a wolf nut an go ***
    *** stupid around da puppies, even the big ones ***
    *** that could take my hand off and slap me with it?***

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