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Thread: Just interested in reading the forum and such.

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    Default Just interested in reading the forum and such.

    Hello, let me forewarn you that I tend to ramble.. that being said, here is my banter.

    I'm a 27 year old O.A.B. sufferer / bedwetter but also a DL because well they say fetishes derive from things around us and I was sexually maturing.. I already know how and why etc. I just like joining all the communities out there. I had a membership at,, and others that have come and gone, I refuse to use myspace anymore though. There was a big ab/dl bashing problem there.

    I live near Sacramento California and I am into gaming mostly, I play online MMORPGs. I've always been into computers and diapers, they are my hobbies if you will. I have lived on my own for five years and never been to college, thought I was too dumb because I suck at math. I decided to try and get it going for summer semester though. Hopefully 2010 will be the first year of the rest of my life. Somehow I've spent too many years of my life obsessing over diapers and video games, so just a heads up, I am trying to change that. I still love diapers though, drugs that make you get cottonmouth and the like suck.

    I don't have a girlfriend because most of the girls I meet are through friends and just want to screw and leave. Or I'm too scared to call them back because they were clingy. I always dream of meeting that perfect diaper girl one day, like most I don't know that it will ever happen. So I will have to settle for a girl who doesn't like them, but doesn't mind me having/liking to wear.

    I don't watch much TV but when I do it's anything to do with superheroes or things like The sarah silverman program, Southpark, Adult Swim really rocks and that general direction of media, oh I know it's lame but I love sci-fi stuff like Stargate / Atlantis. I don't have cable anymore though so I have to download whatever I want to watch.

    The first thread I read on this forum was the marshmallow up the butt topic. LOL I almost pooed myself just laughing so hard. I've experimented in the past, and I do enjoy a wet diaper but pooping for me is just gross, the stuff I eat comes out really bad. You know what I'm talking about, after eating eggs and bacon, then meatloaf, and steak, tell me what poo smells like. lol.

    I did always wonder why after eating rocky road ice cream that I had a looser stool though. I just figured it was because it was a large amount of cream and or sugar.. The long cleanup process is just not worth it for me though. I do like prostate stimulation and will admit I have and in recent past put vibrators up there but it was purely for stimuli of a non gay nature.

    I've had gay friends and roommates in the past but I am as hetero as they come. I would never see myself with another man, even if it was a threesome where a female was involved. I love everyone but I ask to be respected the same way.

    I don't really have anything else to say because that's pretty much my life, I play games, I pee myself, I build and upgrade my computer for fun. I live way up in the hills currently (and when I say hills, there's an ancient wooden suspension bridge I have to cross to get home, down a steep canyon.) I think my friend said it was the only wooden suspension bridge in Northern California and i don't doubt her! I don't get out much because I am on disability for a back injury in my recent past. I'm OK now, but pretty much still sensitive there.

    I really need to stop talking because it's 2:26AM and I go to bed around this time usually. With no job anymore, life kind of blurs together.. I think tomorrow is Saturday, today rather.. I should get some sleep so I can go into town and shop.. I might pick up some marshmallows, lol. No really I used to love PB & Fluff sammiches as a kid. They don't sell the huge tub of fluff out here like they do back east though, I miss my home state. lol.


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    Smile Welcome.

    Hi from down under. I am like you in one respect in that I like to mainly just read the forums a lot. It is just after 7:45pm Sunday, here on the east coast of Australia and your introduction was the first evenings read. I have found many friendly people here and I have learnt a great deal as well. A longer than usual intro is just fine, (mine was very short), I enjoyed reading yours. All the best with your future and with your studies.
    Welcome to ADISC.

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    Hey there . Welcome to ADISC Fremder. That's an awesome intro you've got there. I think you'll fit in nicely on this site since we have a tendency to appreciate those who are willing to tell us more about themselves than how much they love diapers. We have a lot of computer techies and gamers here as well, so you're no oddity on that front. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and be careful on that wooden bridge!

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    Welcome to the forums. Saying you play an online MMORPG is redundant... the O stands for online, so you said "I play online massively multiplayer online role playing games"

    PS: When you repeatedly say "I'm not gay. purely of a non-gay nature" and things of the like, you come off as more homophobic/in the closet than straight. It's easier to just say "I'm straight" and leave it at that. People kind of fill in the "so he's not gay" on their own after that.

    Anyway, welcome to he forum, hope you have a great time.

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    Welcome to the forum. Cool intro. :)
    What kind of MMO's do you play, if you don't mind me asking?

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    Did I really just read an intro that took more than thirty seconds?
    Welcome to the forums!
    I also don't watch much T.V. The only times I'm watching it is when Lost, Heroes, or V is on. Are there any particular show you watch or have watched?

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    I was wrong about the day too, lol. It's actually Sunday, forgive me for being redundant and ignorant, as I said, never been to college. I try to keep myself grammatically correct and such with Firefox's built in spell check. I have my own pet peeves about grammar too, math was my worst subject but English and Science were my favorites. It gets me when people don't use there, their and they're right. I'm sure I don't even use some punctuation right either, it's been a long time since High School.

    I guess it was just too late and I was too tired to catch my own mess up. I tend to double space after periods still too. It doesn't seem to be that important of a rule anymore. I don't do it, unless I do it subconsciously which happens every so often. I do enjoy MMORPG's and the only one I have played recently is Ever Quest. I have played since 2000, I had some friends get me into World of Warcraft for a bit, but it seemed too cartoonish and easy. Being a challenge seeker or stuck in my ways, I dropped it and went back to the raid-based Ever Quest, it may be a dinosaur but it makes me happy. I stopped playing consoles when my Sega Genesis broke, lol.

    It's sad but true, consoles are designed every few years and are always going out of date, a computer is a much more lasting investment for me. I know how to build and upgrade mine so it keeps running my game. I am never going to start paying Sony Four Hundred dollars every two years and then fifty to seventy bucks a game. The whole console world is just too expensive. My buddy found a way around the cost though, he bought a used X-Box and pays his buddy five dollars per copied game. I guess to each his own, consoles are just a big huge waste of space in my mind.

    I tried loading that Maple Story game on my machine but it kept telling me an administrator needs to ok the install or something about an administrator blocking the installation of the file. I have no idea why it would say that, I am the admin and my account is set as such anyway. That's the only game I've ever had a problem with so it isn't on my computer.

    Talk to you soon?

    Oh, TV shows, I love Smallville and hope they renew for a tenth season but I'm not holding out hope. I also loved V back in the day. I have been wanting to see the new series. Maybe they'll come out with another updated V movie? V Continuum, or something like Stargate did, harhar!

    When/if I used to catch them I liked seeing Scrubs, and the new Doctor Who. As a kid I would stay up late watching PBS back east, Red Star, the classic Doctor Who and shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000 have always tickled my brain. Of course you know that I'm also a die hard Monty Python fan, thanks to my father. I have always loved the strange, funny or macabre and anything in space.

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    Just a note for the future, There is an edit post button in the bottom right corner of your post. That is there so that if you need to add something you can do so without double posting. You can also delete a post using the same button.

    The new V series has been quite good if your interested in watching it all episodes thus far can be watched here

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here! I am actually pretty surprised because this is probably one of the most intricate intros that have showed up on this forum in a while. They usually come up as "Hi I like diapers" but I actually like the fact that you took your time for an actual introduction and not to bypass the lurker status by forcing a hi to everybody else. And don't worry, after seeing these pages you can never take a marshmallow seriously again!

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