post some of your records on pokemon here state the game and the achievenment you got!

in red: i have completed this

here are some:

pokemon 1st gen (red, blue,yellow green)
catch mew.
beat the elite four solo, on your first time through.
complete pokedex.
keep the masterball with the previous achievement done.
beat it on a gameboy (the one with a green screen)
own all versions

pokemon second gen (gold, silver and crystal)
breed a shiny pokemon.
catch celebi.
beat red with 1 pokemon.
beat the elite 4 with one pokemon.
beat it on a gameboy color.
finish pokedex
own all versions

pokemon 3rd gen (ruby, sapphire, fire red, leaf green and emerald)
catch a shiny pokemon (please state which one, in my case phanphy.
catch deoxys.
catch jirachi.
ctach lugia.
catch ho-oh.
catch mew.
exceed 200 hours of gampley time.
play it on a gameboy advance (sp or not).
play it on a PSP.
hack the map.
complete the pokedex.
own all versions
play shiny gold.

pokemon 4th gen (diamond, pearl, platinum, heart gold, and soul silver)
catch a shiny pokemon (again please state, mine was voltorb).beat the elite four with a level 40 and 5 more lv. 40s (second time through, platinum only)
drop a dsi in a lake.
own more than 20 shinies.
complete the pokedex.
complete the national pokedex.
have more than 20 lv. 100's
own all versions
lose all versions in a lake
own a wii pokemon game.
have the black trainer card
beat more than 5 people online
beat more than 10 people online
beat more than 20 people online
beat more than 50 people online
beat 100 people online
become a pokemon master at a forum of pokemon
use pal park
beat ur friend at pokemon even though he is better than you but he isnt
and finally the hardest of all go to the mystery zone without an action replay or action replay i

pokemon 5th gen (pokemon black and white (unoficial name saw it on youtube from a guy who predicted heart gold and soul silver)
pre-order it
catch a shiny
beat the elite four

so now tell me if you have anything you would like to add or if you had beaten any of these i will put your name right beside it (no lies)