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Thread: Best Diaper Concealing Clothes?

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    Default Best Diaper Concealing Clothes?

    I have asked this before... Nylon pants and loose pants seem good... The only problem is that I have a 28 inch wiast and 34inch hips/butt. I am runner and consequently I am shaped like a triangle. My legs and glutes are extremely developed but my upper body is ... shrimpy. When I am wearing a diaper I look like a damn buoy. No joke! What do I do?

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    How about an over sized hoodie? I'm shrimpy all around and if I'm wearing close fitting clothing it is quite obvious what I'm wearing underneath. Although in hot weather, and in my home with no one around, I like runner type clothing with my diapers. (AKA: skimpy shorts and a tank top.)

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    I am about the same measurements as you, I wear large unlined addais nylon pants without a diaper or undies they will fall down with the weight from just my phone, but with diapers or undies they have enough drag on the cloth of the undies to stay up plus most of them have a waist cord to tie to make the waist smaller.

    Don't go and spend big money to find out how a large fits you go to the goodwill or salvation army store and get some cheap ones, I pay between $1.50 to 2.00 for them, be careful with the sizes on those they are all over the place I have some that are marked L and they are med, most folks buy to there size and 1 trip thru the dryer and they are too small.

    Don't buy the polyester ones in large just the weight of the material plus the oversize make them want to fall off, however this is good if you want to be a diaper show off...

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    Personally the best consealment ive found is to cover the best i can. When my high school got their dress code i panicked because i wasnt able to wear as baggy clothes as i used to (not gangsta but loose fitting). Quickly they let up as far as having your button down tucked in so i just got slightly bigger pants, tucked in my undershirt, put a belt on, and got a weee bit longer shirt. No one ever caught on. Guess that might have been more luck than anything.

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    If I really want to cover up, I'll usually wear my comfy pants (sweatpants or loose fitting jeans) with a shirt that goes below my waist and some sort of jacket, and if it's getting warm the jacket can be a lighter jacket that would be more for show :]

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    I don't take any particular measures to hide my diapers. I just put my normal clothes on and that's it, i.e. boxerbriefs and a pair of pants.

    For optimal stealth, I'd say to not wear your sexiest and most tight fitting pair of pants or a thong. The less attention you're attracting to your clothes the less likely people will notice your padded status. This applies to family/friends too. If you suddenly start running around in unusual clothing, they'll wonder if something's wrong and start investigating. If you're wearing your normal clothes, they have no reason to check on your crotch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    If you're wearing your normal clothes, they have no reason to check on your crotch.

    When I was still in high school, still a minor and therefore quite accountable to my mother I left my bedroom with my sweat jacket tied to my waist on the way out to somewhere. The idea was that it would conceal the unusual bulge created by my diaper. Unfortunately my mother's eyes went right to the jacket, but she didn't pursue it any further thank God.

    Adult diapers these days are designed to be practically unnoticable. But trying to conceal those large adult "baby" diapers would be like putting a sheet over an elaphant and telling people it's your dog.

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