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Thread: Anxious.. I might get promoted. *venting*

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    Default Anxious.. I might get promoted. *venting*

    Yep. I might get to be a manager where I work (Call Center) - Tech Support which means I will be taking escalations [tech support escalations are the worst] but I can handle it. I will find out sometime before 4/15 and if they select me (I submitted application for internal job request) I get $1.00 an hour raise and strange hours but I will only have to work FOUR days a week

    I think that's pretty cool and I hope they choose me.

    Why do I feel so anxious about this its like I kind of don't want to get promoted but I kind of want to?

    But then I get the chance to be the youngest manager or at least youngest 2nd level agent, which would be HILARIOUS because I have worked in the call center since I was 17. Yep. Gitrdone

    Edit: another thing is that they really need managers right now so I might just be in luck. Like FOUR of them have left (Fired, Baby, Death ) and one is requesting to be demoted back to agent

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    I made my way up to duty store manager a couple of years ago, back when I was working at another supermarket. In that sort of environment I definitely wouldn't want to be running things again because you can never get the important stuff done. It's all paperwork, phone calls and customer queries.

    Though congrats on the promotion. It's something nice to have a resume for other jobs. I think people naturally assume that if you were in charge somewhere else, then you're at least somewhat trustworthy, since all the guess-work has been done for them.

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