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Thread: Bathroom Readers?

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    Default Bathroom Readers?

    This may seem like an oddly worded question, but let me explain before you dismiss it.

    One thing I absolutely cannot do when I'm at home is sit on the toilet without something to read. I could be seconds away from messing my pants (and not in the, I'm wearing a diaper so it's cool way) and I just can't sit down unless I have a book, or a magazine, or a newspaper in my hand and I can't let go until my eyes are halfway into the first sentence.

    Now I know not everyone is as mechanical, obsessed, or...well, lets face it, not everyone is as wierd as I am. But I know there have to be other dedicated bathroom readers here and I'm curious to know what you read when you're sitting on the potty.

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    This is interesting. I don't read anything when I use the bathroom just because there are no reading materials nearby and that if I read anything I just am concerned about germs from other people reading those same materials.

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    Never thought of that, but good point. I guess I just don't always think of the germs since I wash my hands afterwards.

    When I worked at the airport I would find a lot of magazines that passengers would leave behind and take most of them home with me. People read some interesting stuff. It wasn't just copies of Time or National Geographic, but stuff about archaeology and other cool topics.

    I can stretch a good magazine over the course of about fifty toilet visits.

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    I don't really take any reading material into the bathroom with me, but my brother leaves a couple of his books in the bathroom drawer. I usually pull out one of them. Recently it has been George Carlin's "Napalm and Silly Putty"

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    Butterfly Mage


    I always have reading material in the bathroom.

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    I've been known to bring a copy of Shonen Jump with me every now and again...

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    Haha no I don't read in the bathroom!

    Once someone left a fashion mag in the bathroom in my old flat, and everytime I went for a pee I'd be away for 20 minutes!!

    The only time I ever really read is before bed and if I take a bath
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    Normally I use my iphone + digg / another interesting site :P, but there's a mag holder in all the bathrooms.

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