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Thread: Gaaaaaaaaah Pokemon = WTF??

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    Default Gaaaaaaaaah Pokemon = WTF??

    OK! Well.. I was battling the Team Rocket in the Radio Tower, I did beat the boss man in the tower and got through that event with a great deal of difficulty. The guy's Houndour was LV 38. I shouldn't be having difficulty with this as I never had trouble getting my team to the proper levels in any other game.. In fact all have been relatively easy. Hell, I have 7 Badges and my team is:

    ARBOK - LEVEL 33

    I know it's not a well rounded team but these are pretty much the guys I caught early on in the game - any suggestions for what I should add to my team or a good place to train?

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    Ahhh Johto. Probably one of the worst games for powerleveling, since the wild pokemon cap seems to be 25-30. My suggestion would be just to continue as you've been, and maybe do a little extra grinding in the Ice Path. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    BTW my team:
    Crobat lv 35
    Hounddoom lv 35
    Dragonair lv 36
    Dewgong lv 36
    Meganium lv 40

    I'm just barely at victory road so you should be fine.

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    I think fighting type moves are super effective against dark type pokemon. I used a kangishkhan that knew some fighting type move it gets by leveling up. Worked pretty damn good.

    You can get kangishkhan from the first pokewalker course. Pokmon Heart Gold & Soul Silver - PokWalker Courses

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    Feraligatr and Kingler you can train on the route south of Blackthorn City and Victory Road. Dragonair pretty much anywhere but Ice Cave, Arbok and Pidgeot on the route east of Mahogany Town (on the grass patch in the lake) and Ampharos I can't help you with but on Routes 26 and 27 there are some Doduo/Dordrio and Ponta that give reasonable exp.

    And Hobojoe805 is right, Johto is the worst place for power levelling. Elite four was annoying, well the first four were easy and took about 5 mins to get through them but Lance took 25 mins and that was one battle. This was with 6 Lv 50 pokemon as well.

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    Your team is not particularly useful for the task:


    - Drop this Pokemon ASAP. Feraligator is a much better water type. Though it might help you to get through Clair, just because you can teach it an ice move. After it, you should drop it for Lugia.

    ARBOK - LEVEL 33

    - Umm...I guess you could keep it? I'd personally switch this for a Psychic.


    - Good.

    - Good.

    - Excellent! Ampharos is a beast. Train it up by surfing around the whirlwind islands and fighting every trainer.


    - Not a bad choice.

    You need to do some power boosting in the Ice Path, leave some in the daycare if you are desperate and try to battle the trainers on the way down from Blackthorn. For the Elite Four, I'd pick up Lugia.

    Just for comparison, this is the team I beat the Elite Four with:

    Typholosion at 45, Lugia at 45, Gyrados at 40, Ampharos at 39, Hypno and Sudowoodo at 37.

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    I dunno isnt using Lugia abit cheap? btw You need some kind of Fire type to cover grass and steel , Arbok tho I dunno I might would switch that for a PSY type.

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    For the Elite 4 I used: Poliwrath, Meganium, Kadabra, Donphan, Scyther and Ho-oh all Lv 50 (although Ho-oh isn't part of my real team, it just has better type coverage than Arcanine).

    I'd add a psychic/ghost type to the team. Alakazam/Kadabra or Haunter/Gengar are good examples. Houndoom could work, good against Will and Koga. Jolteon is faster and packs a better punch in the special department, although Ampharos is still good though.

    Kingler could be swapped for a Sneasel, it's still good when it comes to physical attacks and the ice coverage is better for Lance but don't use Houndoom if you'd like to use Sneasel.

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    Well I thank ya'll for the help then but I am not using a legendairy Poke'mon, they are useless. I haven't caught them yet, and I will be as soon as I am able to. I'd really hate to have to wait till I get to Victory Road to train the Poke'mon I caught..

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    I dunno isnt using Lugia abit cheap

    but I am not using a legendairy Poke'mon, they are useless
    Nope and Nope. The former is an opinion while the latter is blatantly untrue. Ho-oh and Lugia belong to the second highest base stat set in the whole series of games. Lugia particularly has an awesome little psychic attack that does a base of 90 damage @ 95% accuracy and 30 PP! That's just awesome.

    As for it being cheap, I mean, eh. That's why the game provides you an opportunity to get one before the Elite Four - it's suppose to be an option.

    In my current team (paused for senior thesis), the main star is a Lv. 78 Mewtwo, which has Blizzard to take down Lance's Dragons anytime I got to the Elite Four for experience.

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    I don't really like using legendary pokemon, especially in the 670 base stat group, they really seem to rule out all other pokemon.

    I remember when I first played silver I defeated the elite four with only a 55 feraligatr. I found johto to be impossible to level more than one pokemon and pretty much stuck with that. (I didn't bother with more than 3 in soulsilver either )

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