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Thread: Quick question about ABuniverse

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    Default Quick question about ABuniverse

    How reliable is their services as of late? i have read some less than favorable reviews about their customer service and have a record of not shipping/filling orders on time or at all. i did notice however that they seem to be getting better about it recently and i just wanted to know if their problems are a thing of the past.

    also a side question: i notices they dont seem to have options for other delivery methods, and dont seem to have a ETA, can anyone with recent dealings with them help me out?

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    i have ordered from them several times and have not had a problem, i will continue ordering from them and I hope others can get over the past and give these guys a chance.

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    Never ordered from them, but I'm very interested in doing so. Probably gonna get a case of Cushies from them before long, so I'll be able to answer your question soon enough. Until then, seems like we're in the same boat. Let us know about your experiences with them, and any positive or negative feedback! I've heard so many negative things, I really wonder how commonplace it is.
    And I reeeeally hope it isn't as prominent as people make it out to be, because some of their diapers look just wonderful. <3

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    First off I'm as of now with certain details being worked out a business consultant with office and warehouse is in snohomish washington) and will also be focusing on several other areas including customer service and good public relations(taking on the respnsibility of handling phone calls an emails as well as responding to postings in forums whether good or bad) marketing/ advertising consulting and brining forth new ideas on product development and roll out trying products for review purposes and help with logistics and figuring out a way to manage the influxes of customer orders....

    That all being said they severely miscalculated how crazy things were going to get when the cushies were released and they aren't trying to stiff customers or with hold products paid for...they are simply trying to keep up with demand while fullfilling there responsibilities to previous and existing customers...they are working to get things straightened of the things ill likely do in the future is create a thread w my contact info and ask for people to contact me if they ever ordered in the past but ever neither got the product or had asked for a refund and never got it...with this information including info like aproximate dates the price and the item(s) ordered I can make an attempt to rectify the situation for people who experienced this in the past...and make things whole again for any body that did experienced....

    Over all I think most customers have had a positive experience being a customer of'm a regular customer and not only like the products(including cushies!!! They are awesome and adorable) but have had no issues my self...that being said no company gets it perfect and what makes or breaks it is how a company handles situations like this...

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    Default ill respond...

    Should I assume this question is directed at me? Regardless ill respond: things are going to change and is working like mad to get things caught up and to prevent this from happening in the future...if there is a blacklist of sorts I think its up to the community to decide whether or not there concerns were addressed....but again things will be better...

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    One question do you ever think the product will get more cheper in the future add more diaper percase 40 for 75.95 seem a little high don't you think . I mean don't get me wrong I know there try make this profit business to grow but hope price drop like abu night going 59.95 case a good price less cost what good but i would like to see other diaper to do this .

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    Take a look at the new price for abu super dry products in their product line get older they do start dropping prices as new products are introduced....I will tell u that the business barely breaks even right now and this is more a labor of love for the couple then an opportunity to make money for them...still to keep it running they have to at least turn a profit and they are a low volume retailer as opposed to bambino which swamps them in sales volume...abu makes up for it wit good quality and innovative first to the market products made for people like us....I think at this point in our existence as a community we need that we are tired of having to make regular adult diapers work for us...and most of us(I can) can't fit into baby diapers....hope this helps....prices will continue to just takes time....btw the business is still paying off r and d costs from the very first product roll out....

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    Yeah understand I love there products and think there great I'm not say now hoping in few years when as get larger prices on there product will go down some not now talking about now.

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