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Thread: Bambino smalls=out of stock!

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    Default Bambino smalls=out of stock!

    So apparently, they're out of small sized Bambinos, in both the classico and bianco. Anyone know how long it has been like this, and any guesses as to when they will be back? I'm hoping soon, my dad's leaving for a buisness trip on thursday and won't be back til next wednsday, so hopefully I can order in time.

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    I don't know about this particular outage but they do run out of one size or another for relatively short periods (a week or so as I recall) from time to time.

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    Trevor's right, Bambino frequently runs out of certain sizes, as often as every month or so. Particularly small and large, but mediums go out sometimes too. They restock quickly, don't worry. Just keep your eye on it. ^_^ Happy shopping.

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    The mediums will still fit you most likely and absorb more, unless you have to wear underneath clothes or something that is. They have tapes, you can always make them tighter :p. I've been tempted to get a large even though I'm only a 31" waist just because it holds more and I know I could adjust it to fit.

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