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Thread: Re-Introducing Myself

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    I have just looked and I have not Introduced my self here on the new site.
    Whoops my bad, so here goes.

    I am 25, from lovely little Old New Zealand,
    I would label myself as a DL, I only wear diapers cause of the feeling it gives me, it use to be a sexual feeling, but now its more of a comfort feeling. I seldom wet, and Never do #2..
    I wear, Drynites/Goodnites, and the only adult nappy I can find is an affective.

    Passionate about Photography, Love working on cars,

    I am in a committed 5 year gay relationship with a partner who dont know about this side of me and I dont think I'd ever tell him.

    Ummmmmmm, what else.
    Name comes from Kiwi been he Iconic Image of NZ, and Sin from Sinner, my Photography name.

    Anyways, HI and thats about me in a nutshell..
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    Jeez its about time!!! Haha just playing.

    Re-welcome to the site! Glad to still have you here!

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    yeah I float around, and post, but then it came to me, No Intro!! haha.

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    greetings, from the other side of earth=)
    I`m quite new to this site.
    I share your liking for diapers. For me, it`s either to feel small, protected and cared for, or as a submissive fantasy of mine. Perhaps both at times.
    But I haven`t brought myself to buy some yet.

    Anyways, nice to meet you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by genbaby View Post
    Re welcome.
    I thought you did do one on here before though.
    Not a welcome... I did on the old site.

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