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Thread: Olimpic skier a baby boy????

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    Smile Olimpic skier a baby boy????

    U.S Olympic skier Bode Miller has gone back to his natural habitat after winning gold in Canada ... partying it up at the Playboy Mansion this weekend in nothing but his one piece underpants.

    Bode Miller
    We're told the 32-year-old wore a onesie by Big Feet PJs

    Read more: Gold Medalist Bode Miller -- Number Onesie |

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    Its a footed sleeper not a onesie!

    /me fumes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    Its a footed sleeper not a onesie!

    /me fumes!
    It irritates me too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    Its a footed sleeper not a onesie!

    /me fumes!
    Me 3

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    I highly doubt he's an AB. I know plenty of people that wear footies that aren't *Bies.

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    hmm, it seems only the 'cool' sports get invites to the Playboy mansion. You wont ever see them inviting the curling team to a party (plus there are probably more STDs in that house then any other place on earth )

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    *laughs* couple years ago a friend of mine said 'Man I've always wanted a onesie." I was floored. Trying to play it cool, he then tried to explain himself through the silence, he described footed pajamas. I started laughing, and said 'ya, those where great.' All the while wondering how many people he had said that to, and how many people had assumed he meant a real onesie. lol.

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    I remember a girl in my spanish class saying she always wanted a footie sleeper. I asked her when her birthday was. She never told me, so she never got it.

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