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Thread: What am I exactly?

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    Default What am I exactly?

    No fur, but Moth isn't human so.. what? What would I be called? x3

    I mean there's baby and babyfur..

    Babysect? x: Babybug? . _.

    - .-


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    I'm pretty sure it is still called a "fur". Then again, "furry" is just a term. You can call it ehatever you want.

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    I'm totally going to be nitpicky and demand a special name or group be made up for me!

    Get to thinking! >:C

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    hehe that is pretty coool babysect
    but how many people choose bugs as fursona's???
    i know there is a guy who is a cockroach lol


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    First you need a short term that describes insects in general,

    lets see, fury, scalie, exoskeletonie? No. No....

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    its called "stop eating my clothes!" *I kid*

    Not sure to be honest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfy910 View Post
    hmm babysect sounds different
    I got a visual of an emo cult that eats babies.

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