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Thread: Do You Get Along With Siblings?

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    Question Do You Get Along With Siblings?

    Thought this might be an interesting topic for discussion since you don't see very much said about relations or experiences with brothers and sisters in member's posts. It's usually situations with parents we read about. How many siblings do you have? How well do you get along with them, or do you get along with them at all? Do they know about your secret regression side or are you always fussing with them for snooping around, worrying they might find something, tease you constantly about it, or even get you in trouble with parents by telling? I have two older sisters (twins) and most of the time we got along. Even though there's nearly 6 years between our ages, we still enjoyed playing some of the same games together. I even played with dolls along with them! I was always a tormenter as a young kid and loved to scare them using different tricks. They scared pretty easy which just egged me on to do it. They didn't have any idea of my regression side, though at the time I had no *evidence* they could hold over my head. I had the regression feelings, but rarely had an opportunity to act on them as I could and did later on as an older teen and adult. We all still live within 100 miles of each other, but don't get a chance to see each other as much as we should. How about you?


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    How many siblings do you have?
    1 older brother.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pramrider View Post
    How well do you get along with them, or do you get along with them at all?
    Very well, as I have for the past few years. It never used to be the case. We've gotten into punch-ups before, like, actually hitting each other seriously. I once threw a boomerang at him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pramrider View Post
    Do they know about your secret regression side or are you always fussing with them for snooping around, worrying they might find something, tease you constantly about it, or even get you in trouble with parents by telling?
    I rarely see him much anymore. He works during the day, I work at night. He's always going out too. So he doesn't snoop around.

    In fact, he's never been one to run off and tell the parents. More often than not, they believed me anyway, being the youngest of the two.

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    I have a sister who's about 2 and a half years younger than me. I guess we're pretty close, we don't hate each other or constantly fight like a lot of siblings seem too. But then at times she can be insanely annoying, but then that's what little sisters are for!

    I don't have any problems with her snooping around... she'd kill me if I went into her room, so she rarely goes into mine.

    Sibling relationships are kind of weird, you are kind of natural friends, but I generally get annoyed with my friends if I have to spend a prolonged period of time with them. Yet someone I've managed almost 15 years with her being around. Still, it's not surprising when you see siblings who avoid each other at all costs!

    My sister will be sad when I move out later this year... But with that said, she has already planned out what she's going to do with my room!
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    i have quite a few siblings actually. 3 younger brothers, ages 17, 14 (in a few days) and 12. We get along on some days, but others they want to pick a fight with me (argumentative mostly, on rare occasions it gets a little physical). I'm not going to see them for a while after i leave for school in Indianapolis, but when i was around they did suspect my secret obsession and sometimes went after me for it. They don't do it these days probably because im not around very often with school and all. They have abruptly come into my room from time to time, but these days my old room belongs to my other brother but i have everything hidden in my boxes for my moving day so im not worried about it too much. Before i was really paranoid about them coming in and made sure they didn't go in without me asking. They never snooped because i would usually know if they ever came in.

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    I have one older brother and we are 9 yrs apart. I wish he was closer to my age and i also wish I had a little brother. We get along ok but there have been times were he has wanted to bite my head off, so to me that just means that i'm doing my job as a little brother.

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    Hmmm...lemme see...where to begin...I have 2 older sisters, 3 older brothers and one younger brother. Yep, there are 7 of us! My older siblings are 16, 15, 13, 10 and 8 years older and my younger brother is 2 years younger than I. We get along fairly well, I guess. I never really fought with any of my older brothers 'n sisters, probably because there's such an age difference. The younger brother was more like a play-toy than a nuisance. Weird as it may seem, we may fight among ourselves from time-to-time, but God help anyone who says anything against any one of us, 'cause he'll have all 7 of us to deal with!

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    Footed P.J.


    I am an only child, but I'll say that my mother and uncle are best friends. They have both been through a lot. He has had to face his own alcohol abuse, and she has had to raise a kid with a profound physical disability.

    My father seems to have a bit of a sibling rivalry with my uncle on his side, but they are working on it. Just different folks, both well meaning.

    My late biological father has two brothers, two sisters. It's hard to know what their relationship is like. I suspect they get along decently, but in a detached way. They are all over the place, from Seattle to Cleveland to Florida. They all are married, and have other families to deal with.

    I am an only child and willfully single.

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    I have 1 brother, 2 years older than me (20), and I guess we get along now.. compared to what it was like before he went to university. For the past 4 years I would see him maybe every fortnight at the weekends as he would come home from uni so it made it quite a weird relationship - basically that feeling of seeing a relative you don't see often cos they live so far away. It's only recently since I turned 18 I've been going out to pubs, clubs, casinos, etc with him, which has brought us together as brothers again.

    But before all that... in fact all the way back when I was 8 my mum got pregnant with a baby girl. Unfortunately it was... well... I still only have 1 brother so you can probably guess the rest. I was quite upset because I was really looking forward to knowing what it would be like having a sister, and a younger sibling at that.

    I don't know, and I guess noone can really know for sure how it would affect our lives if we had a younger rather than an older sibling, or a sister rather than a brother, or no siblings at all... or whatever combination that would make a significant difference, but I really wish I did.

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    I'm old but I do have 2 older brothers and one younger, who know nothing of what I do, we are not all that close in miles or anyother way.

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