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Thread: If you love someone, set em FREE. (a music post)

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    Default If you love someone, set em FREE. (a music post)

    I have a confession to make. This is why I don't post much. You see, I've been cheating on you ADISC. Yes yes it's true. I have a second lover, their name is music. Ha!

    Alright, jokes aside I'm gonna share my favorite link resources for grabbing beats. This took me years to perfect and a ton of searching to really find the sites that stick out like no other. Words cannot begin to express what this post means to me. Enjoy.

    Electronic Explorations - A site started by a man known as Rob Booth who has widely collective taste across the board. Rob use to be the ever so famous Mary Anne Hobbs right wing man on her BBC Radio show. Eventually Rob moved on with Mary's blessing to start his own radio show, EE. Usually every show he does a half hour of tunes he's currently feeling and then follows up with a guest mix. Some huge heavy hitters have showcased on this show. There's a ton of backtracking of just quality for you to grab. Don't sleep.

    Yardcore - A collection of four London Djs: Codeshift, Mashforcash, Rrritalin and Dj Rum. We’ve been playing dancefloors since 2006. This show use to be weekly but has turned into a monthly show. Regardless though it is amazing. They switch up genres mainly between jungle, dnb, dubstep, breaks, acid (yes acid!), and hiphop. (mainly oldskool thanks to Dj Rum with pure talent knack for this) This show has become my personal favorite of the lot actually. And did I mention their genre mashup skills are on point?

    DarkFloor Mantis Radio - You can't really pinpoint a exact time frame of when they put up a show but you can rest assure when they do you will be floored. There's not much I can say about this show because it follows the same pattern of EE. Just click through every link archive and enjoy yourself.

    Satanical Bots Ritual - Don't let the name fool you. I haven't gone satanic on you. This is a site I was VERY lucky to stumble upon. I been looking for a site to replace since they never came back with their forum update which is unfortunate because they were the best site for keeping up with your dnb fix. So this site is a very well kept blog of current happenings in the world of dark/hard dnb. Make sure you backtrack to previous posts because there's a ton to dig through on this site.

    Filthcast - Bardcode label finally jumped on the bandwagon of podcasts. Only they didn't just join, they fuckin' destroyed it. Killer shows. Enjoy.

    Low End Theory - I only know about this group since I'm a local of the Los Angeles music scene. A montly podcast where one local dj resident does his thing and is followed up with a special guest mix after. Local talent from the likes of Gaslamp Killer, Free the Robots, SAMIYAM, Nosaj Thing, Nocando, Daddy Kev, and that's just to name a "FEW"! LET is also a weekly music event going on every Wednesday night in the heart of Los Angeles. Not to be missed if you're ever in the area.

    Golden Era Jungle - This is for the oldskool heads. A collection of rare sought out mixtapes available to you for download. No serious catch expect you must register to download first. A small price to pay in my opinion when they leave you humble as it is.

    Rave Archive - I don't remember how I found this one but I'm glad I did. Poke around you might see quite a few names you recognize.


    Honorable mentions:

    Dj Distance - He does a montly show every second Thursday. The reason I do enjoy this show is because of his new talent showcase. The show is two hours long. The first half is dedicated to tunes he was sent by his fans. They will get played if their worthy of being heared on air. Personally I've heard some incredible tunes thanks to Dj Distance sharing that spotlight with his followers. I don't have a link but you can usually find it on Get Darker when it gets close to that time.

    Youtube - Yeah it's Youtub but it's a great place to showcase your tunes. Plus you can't go wrong with Inspector Dubplate's Youtube channel. Friday Filth Sessions are <3.

    Soundcloud - Just throw a genre in the search bar. Prepare to be overwhelmed. What I especially like about this site is the function to comment on a particular part of a submitted track.


    Final thought: This is a passion to me. I'm constantly reminded of the thought that it's near impossible to discover all the talent out there. Someone, somewhere is gonna slip through the cracks and miss my watchful eyes. I try to educate myself regardless and at the same time try to share with the likes of those I come across. It's a never ending homework assignment. I feel like I carry a second job but I'm not complaining. Just remember your taste will constantly redefine itself. Don't limit yourself to one genre, give others a chance when the opportunity is there. Evolving is key. Passion comes later. Appreciation seals the deal.

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    Nice post , I've got most of these links already from you, and can highly recommend them to any budding filthsters out there. I don't have the dedication of people like statik to go hunt down the great tunes, mixes, and sites. But I do have a few friends who are dedicated enough to send me links .

    Personelly my faves have to be Darkfloor Mantis Radio, because it showcases tons of different genres of music, all connected by being nice, dark, and electronic. And Inspector Dubplate's friday filth sessions have some of the most downright nastiest tunes floating around the cesspit of the internet. He's also great to fan/friend on facebook, since he posts tons of links to the latest tunes on the scene.

    Everyone should at least check this out: YouTube - FRIDAY FILTH SESSIONS EP #3

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    I appreciate the work you put in to compiling this list and adding the commentary for each site. I am not natively attracted to electronica, its many genres, but want to know it better, and it is hard to wade through at random; it is helpful to have someone who knows the field well and can act as a guide. I feel lost in music: popular music has left me behind, and the charts serve no useful purpose to me. I know there is such a flood of available material out there, everything being done and everything that has been done and I know there's a ton of stuff to suit any given taste, but if you don't know what suits you it is hard to locate it...

    And back to self-education in genres that take some learning to appreciate... I believe for "art appreciation" it isn't enough to just have stuff plonked in front of you, it helps to understand what you are looking at, to be shown why something is interesting or good, to have a guide point out what to look for.

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    I opened up the link to Electronic Explorations and the first thing I saw was Rob Booth and I thought it was that guy from Autechre (who I then recalled was Rob Brown and Sean Booth.) Strange... :/
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    I'll add a link to the list

    DARKSTAR 801 Little bit of everything. Heavy on breaks, dub and dnb

    and I'll add this just because I love the breaks imri mixes

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