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Thread: Your April Fools' Experiences

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    Default Your April Fools' Experiences

    This is no joke. Litarly. I figured this would be a good time to talk about pranks pulled and ones you have fallen for. Like today I almost fell for my moms tricky ways. She woke me up at 7 and told me there was school today. We had just started the break becuse we didn't have school thursday friday and monday. I was about to get up and remebered just in time.
    So what about you guys?

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    I was working and a kid came up to me and asked me if she had done the first half of her math worksheet right. I looked for a bit and said "Every one of these is wrong" I waited until her jaw dropped and said April fools. She got me back later by telling me there was something on my shirt when there wasn't. I felt very foolish.

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    I pulled one here and at other places and one of my friends fell for it. She sounded upset as she fell for it. Then she called me a brat and a bad girl and Munchhausen when she found out it was a joke. I hope she wasn't mad.

    But everyone here knew I was joking and at the other places people fell for it for a moment and realized it was a joke.

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    Perhaps a bit off your expected topic but April Fools Day always brings a strong memory from age 3 or 4, one of the few pleasant ones with my family. I'm in my parents room playing April Fools with them early in the morning, "there is a spider on your leg!"…"April Fools!" type thing and then I look out the open window over the back yard. It's a warm sunny day after a long cold winter, the grass is starting to turn green, I see the swing set and sand box, it's going to be the first fun outdoor day of the summer.
    Forty-six years later I still think of April 1st as the start of summer weather.


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    Not a true prank, but a funny story nonetheless.

    When I was 8, my family was going to West Palm Beach, FL, to see my (now deceased) grandmother. While on the Florida Turnpike, we stopped at a Burger King at an entertainment-plaza-thing. There was a framed picture of Mickey Mouse and his friends on a roller coaster, and they were reaching the top. For some reason, Mickey appeared to be pointing as one does when he has an imaginary pistol in hand (Am I making sense?). Keep in mind, this was only about 6.5 months since 9/11/01, and people were really sensitive about violence, terrorism, etc. So, without thinking, I yelled, "In this picture, Mickey has a GUN!" The southern man in the booth next to us dropped his utensils, and his whole family turned to look at the picture. I said, "April fool!" and, annoyed, they turned back around.

    And, last year, I was at a hockey game, and I called my mother and told her I was hit in the face by a puck and was in the hospital. (I know, it's mean...)

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    I put the full confusion pack addon to my friends firefox. Just the April fools edition. It wrecked havoc. Eventually she got it off though.

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    I spent April Fools' with Talula, so I'm surprised that no April Fools' pranks were pulled.

    The only prank I remember pulling was when I was quite young, I woke my sister up early and told her I had bought her a present. She was really young and this was really exciting for her, and she was really disappointed when I said 'April Fools'!'
    I'm so mean!

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