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    I'm 26 years old straight male. I'm currently studying at a university in Finland.

    I have had this "thing" - i wouldn't call it a fetish - for all my life, and i
    just came out to my girlfriend couple days ago. She took it well.

    During my childhood and teenage years i was mostly if not completely DL, but i've been considering myself again, and i think i'm becoming more an AB also. Getting a pacifier doesn't seem to be a bad idea at all.
    Still I'm bit worried bout the idea that this ABDLism is progressive.

    So how did i end up coming out to my girlfriend? This is a funny one.
    I kind of half-came out a year ago, when i told my GF that i might want to use diapers at night. I told her that it's because i have small bladder and i cant get a good nights sleep when i have to get up from the bed and run to the toilet couple times a night. She already knew that though. I guess i also told her that diapers made me feel safe and they releave stress. I was totally not sober when i told this. But anyway she understood completely.

    Well I used diapers (abri-form x-plus + 2 abri-let maxi doublers, the best night time solution. Never leaked) pretty much every night for the next 4 months, and i learned to use them in the bed quite comfortably. At
    first it was hell and i couldnt pee even though i had the most terrible urge . I have a shy bladder and GF is sleeping right next to you!

    Anyway the complete out coming was not until few days ago because the urge to use diapers and all came back again and i bought some diapers for a months use. I got the idea that i want my GF to diaper me for
    the night..she calls me her little baby and little sweetheart anyway.. so this time sober I simply asked her; "If i ask really REALLY nice.. umm.. would you diaper me before we go to sleep please?". Well as an aswer i got a blank stare. "umm...i.. i cant do that, i dont know can do it yourself." So few days later i gave couple of links to this forum and said to her that if you ever wonder why i am like the way i am, read those.

    The next day i went to her place to play some guitar hero, and i didnt ask about her what she thought of this 'thing'..but before i left her apartment she said that she doesnt mind about these little things..

    The whole thing made me laugh. I mean.. if this is your biggest secret, then your doing pretty awesome!

    Now my GF doesnt diaper me. Its ok. But i intend to ask her again, cause i would really love that. I just dont want to push her.
    I'm pretty happy that i can wear diaper at bed anyway.

    The best thing ever is to wake up diapered next to your GF and crawl half sleepy to her arms and cuddle in the morning sun.


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    Wow, welcome to the forums.
    Your intro told us a lot about your padded side but, how about you tell us about some of your "normal" interests. Such as hobbies or sports you play.

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    Well welcome and you must have a wonderful girlfriend.

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    yeah, padded side is just a tiny side of me and i'm lucky my GF is tolerant.

    But besides this i love to climb. It's the sport of my life.

    And i'm also learning astrophotography. It's hard. And frustrating. But i guess i'm getting better. Astronomy in general is very intresting, and I do follow the latest news on it.

    Hmm.. whatelse.. i play guitar, collect vinyls, do normal photography, read scifi and play computer every once in a while though i dont have much time to play anymore :P growing up sucks.


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