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Thread: Best April Fool's day pranks

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    Default Best April Fool's day pranks

    I personally have not been involved in any major april fools day pranks. The best prank that I have seen, is when someone made it appear that someone else's car was being stolen. Of course, I have pulled the dorky pranks, such as alarm clock under the bed, and the rubber band around the sink nozzel/

    What is the Best Prank that you have been apart of or witnessed?

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    putting Cling Film over my mates toilet seat one night when i was staying at his, knowin fine that he would be first up in the morning!

    you can guess what happened!

    was Amazing!! and he found it funny!!

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    Me and a friend got a mate by ringing him up and telling him his place had been robbed . we spent ages taking bits and pieces we thought it was funny he sort of did

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    Years ago for April Fool's I put one of those exhaust pipe whistles in my brothers car, not realizing at the time that it was having issues, and thus he didn't drive it for awhile. Several Weeks later my Dad comes in the house, looking a little angry, fairly annoyed. (He's a calm collected man usually, very loving and energetic.)

    So I ask him what's wrong. In response he holds up the whistle, and then explains that he and my brother have just spent the last 2 hours trying to diagnosis the strange wheezing noise they could hear from the rear of the car, turns out the whistle wasn't a very good whistle, more of a weezer. Lol, I felt pretty bad.

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