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Thread: Dang, goodnites are robust

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    Default Dang, goodnites are robust

    I am completely in awe of how strechy goodnites are.

    For perspective, I'm 6'4, 215lbs (1.9304m, 97.5223596 KG to your europanites), and I fit. Not too badly, either. The last time I tried goodnites was 8 years ago. I'm simply amazed that I still fit.

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    Haha. I'm with you. Not sure why they make them to stretch so big.

    I'm not quite as big, only 5'11", 145 lbs, but still. For being designed for younger kids, I'm also amazed. xD

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    Why doesn't the adult diaper market catch on to this?

    Whenever I see adult pullups in the grocery store, they all have the frilly "granny-panties" construction that usually fails to fit well.

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    The Abena pull ups are the only ones that I've heard of that don't completely suck.

    I'm surprised Abuniverse or someone like that hasn't explored a pullup/goodnites styled adult diaper for the AB market. I would buy them.

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    That is just so not sexy ! goodnites are not meanth to go on your bum and like most you see on youtube with your butcrack showing ect it dosent work , or around that as for weight ect ... it just dosent work or think they fit and it barly covers where it supose to ... its like me saying or wanting to try and fit into a size 4 pampers and saying it fits ..

    Get some actual adult ones your no longer a kid / teen
    Lol why should you even want to wear those ,

    to use an example i am about 130Lbs at most and after wearing them for a while they streach out , Yea they fit alright and really snug and i woulnt want anything tigher or snuger

    or maybe you bigger guys just dont have a @### in there... but these are not meath for biger boys ,

    just my .02 cent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kif View Post
    Why doesn't the adult diaper market catch on to this?
    I think they would need to make a lot more sizes to cover the same range. Engineers don't like over stressing-stuff.

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