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Thread: Animal Crossing (City Folk/Let's Go to the City)

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    Default Animal Crossing (City Folk/Let's Go to the City)

    I'm resurrecting this thread

    i am finally at a point in my hacking were my town looks presentable, albeit spacious (not a lot of threes (will change that with ACToolkit)

    SO COME VISIT MY TOWN!!! (hacks will not brick your game)

    friend code: 3266-0480-0089
    town: Treehut
    name: Sparky
    fruit: (working on peaches)

    pm me for my IM infor so i can know when you want to go online :X

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    you know they have an whole forum site devoted to AC

    add me i'm citywill

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    I hacked my town once, too. But every plant I added died, because I stopped playing it for a while. Sure, I wouldn't mind getting on some time. I'll post my friend code here if I ever decide to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironfox View Post
    you know they have an whole forum site devoted to AC

    Animal Crossing Community -- and now Animal Crossing: City Folk

    add me i'm citywill
    I think the point was he wants to play with ADISC people >_>

    On topic: Sorry, little buddy. Don't gots me the game.

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    My freind barrowed AC:WW, while he lent me his copy of pokemon rangers.

    I lost it before I got to play it, but he has not talked about geting/giving my/his game back, so my gut tells me he might have lost MY game, and is too afraid to ask/tell me... while I have the same thing going...

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    I used to play animal crossing:Wild World for my DS. I think I'll probably start a new town because it's spring break. I usually play for awhile and then get bored, and start a new town when i get back into it, because i always give up on resurrecting old towns.

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