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Thread: NEW Tena Slip Ultima 9 Drops

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    Default NEW Tena Slip Ultima 9 Drops

    Well I was cruising around websites and found that Tena has a new diaper called Tena Slip Ultima that has more absorbancy then a Tena Maxi and it has 9 drops instead of 8 like the Maxi here's the proof from the Tena site that is in German which I don't understand.\
    Compared To Tena Maxi it looks SOOOO THICK!!!
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    Hmm, maybe someone should take it upon themselves to check this out?

    (looks at watch) :P

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    Nice photos, an a great find. They look like they would fit really nice, an hold alot.

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    Those look really awesome!
    Do you happen to send out samples?

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    These aren't available in the USA, Maybe I should buy some and sample them out on Ebay lol

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    G: TENA slip
    E: TENA briefs

    G: Windelhosen für mittlere bis schwerste Inkontinenz.
    E: diapers for medium to heaviest incontinence

    G: * Komfortverschluss - Mehrfach wiederverschließbar, bei freier Positionierungsmöglichkeit der Klebe-Tapes.
    E: * Convenient closure - re-useable multiple times (the closure), while being able to freely position the tapes

    G: * Flexifit - Elastisches Rückenbündchen für optimale Auslaufsicherheit und Passform.
    E: * Flexifit - elastic gather at back seam (waist) for best protection against leakage and best fit

    G: * Auslaufbarrieren - Maximaler seitlicher Auslaufschutz.
    E: * Leak guards - maximum protection against side leakage

    G: * Doppelter Saugkern - Optimale Saugleistung und Sicherheit.
    E: * Double absorbant core - best capacity (absorbancy) and security.

    G: * Extra weiter Beinausschnitt - Bestmögliche Bewegungsfreiheit bei guter Passform.
    E: * Extra wide leg gathers - best possible freedom of movement while providing best fit.

    G: * Latexfrei
    E: * Free of latex

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