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    Default Well that was odd...

    So something a bit strange happened this morning. I decided to go to bed a little early last night and a couple of hours before I was due to wake up, I remember dreaming I was in my bed, diapered, and started wetting. Only, in the waking world, I was in my bed, not diapered, but wetting nonetheless. It figures the one time I actually wet the bed in like a decade, I'm not padded... I woke up before there was a huge puddle, but it sure surprised me. There's so many people around my house, I only get the chance to wear once or twice a week, and very rarely at night, so it's not like I'm used to wetting like that or anything. When I actually was an occasional bedwetter, I'd have weird dreams like that, but I wasn't expecting to do it now. Anyone else ever have something like this happen?

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    Absolutely. Happened to me more than once, tho I only actually wet the bed once. I have slept diapered enough that I have become comforatble wetting during the night. I only awaken slightly; i pee and go back to sleep. On more than one occasion I've awakened slightly to pee even tho I'm not diapered. Twice I caught myself. Third time I actually started and dampened things before jolting awake.

    I no longer sleep diapered as often (circumstances) and I have not repeated this. I must admit, it was kinda neat getting close to a genuine 'accident' though.

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    I had a dream I was diapered awhile ago but quickly realized it wasn't possible cause I haven't bought any diapers in months. It was weird too cause I could feel the diaper but it wasn't there. My head is playing with me again.

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    Oh god yeah, I've had this one a couple of times.

    You know those dreams where you're falling, you hit the ground, jump about 2 feet in the air in your bed and wake up?

    Yeeah, those are the best.

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    Well i try to sleep diapered as much as I can which is almost every night for the past few weeks. But i always awaken dry and needing to pee. Sometimes i wish i could sleep through it but do not want the problem when i am elsewhere and cannot go to bed diapered. But I enjoy wearing to bed for the comfort. I tried to explain to my friend that you cannot completely relax when they get home from a long day of work, well if you do you would end up wetting yourself.. i relax at night before bed and just let it all out but i still cannot do it while im sleeping.. well my 2 cents

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    I was never a bed wetter when I was younger. But the same thing has happend to me. I will sometimes go to bed with a faint feeling of having to pee. Anyway I just go to bed. And when I'm asleep ill be on my stomach and ill sometimes have this dream and ill wake up in the morning pissing myself. So far I haven't pissed out a puddle but hopefully it doesn't happen unless I'm padded LOL

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    I've had so many of these, but they almost always are wet dreams. Actually wetting during a dream seems interesting though. I bet it is more likely for people who wear and use diapers to have something like this happen because they're so dang used to using a diaper anyway.

    Your dreams commonly make peoples physical body do something while they're still sleeping. Just think about how people some people twitch and roll over during a vivid dream. Not to mention things like sleepwalking.

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    Yeah I've had a couple of diaper dreams where I wake up realizing I'm actually wetting. It's not enjoyable.

    Sometimes I lucky to wake up right before I "wet my diaper".

    The worst is when you can't tell if you're cumming or peeing on your sheets.

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    Ha, well I guess it's not as weird as I thought. It's just that I've not wet the bed in years, and I seldom wear at night, that it caught me off guard. I'm glad it was mostly contained by my PJs and I didn't have to explain changing my sheets in the middle of the night at my age...

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