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Thread: Im at my grandparents, and there are diapers in the room right next to me....

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    Default Im at my grandparents, and there are diapers in the room right next to me....

    Well, visiting them as I said. theres an open pack of (female, ohwell) depends in their room near the bathroom door.

    I normaly end up going to that bathroom if mom is useing the only other bathroom in the house.

    If im in their, they cant see what im doing... But, the pack is still full <.< grandma has only lost a little controll. Once enough are taken, I can take one without it being noticed.

    They are pretty thick depends, its KILLING me, but I know its against my etter judgement to take one from the full bag, its to suspicous..

    Im like, so close, but so damn far >.>
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    Easy, open the pack, take a few, then move the rest to the front so it looks like it's just open and ready to use

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    Go buy your own ><

    Stealing is wrong

    I never stole any

    Nah, but seriously, just bike to like walgreens and buy depends or their diapers with tapes. Or CVS, or Walmart, you get the drift.

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    +1 on buying your own.

    If your grandma was dead or being moved to a home or something fine but she will be using these.

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    Gotta agree with Thunder and MessyMan. You are just better off getting your own.

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    I was thinking ONE wouldent hurt.

    My other option is bike down the narrow road that has no sidewalk and has a reputation of bikers being hit (mom would litearly kill me for doing this) down to the nearby supermarket and hope they have anything. And get money... sometime this summer.

    Or just wait untill i can drive. Its still very tempting... they just sit there...

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    If it were me, I'd take one. Life isn't any fun without a little risk.

    If you decide you like them, go buy some. Easy as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    You could wait until you move out... or is that just me?
    I know I didn't. My absolute first adult diaper I ever had was my Dad's after he had surgery for his prostate.

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    Ah. Yeah. Weigh the risk versus the rewards. Stealing is bad, m'kay? Stealing from family? Even worse.

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