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    Okay, so I went to in stall a piece of software today and all that happened was the disk spun around and made loud noises, but never prompted the "installation" window, it just spun basically. What could be the cause of this problem?( It only does it for this game). Is there away I can install it, by accessing the installation prompt another way?

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    if u have a extra cd drive u can use in usb and try searching up on google common problems for that game

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    How old is your cd drive? The disk could be a dual-layer disk and your driver may not support dual-layered.

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    Chances are the autorun isn't set up properly. Try doing it manually first. If not, you'll want to see if the program/game is compatible with your computer. Usually that kind of stuff is a software issue, not a hardware issue.

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    It is Blitzkrieg Burning Horizon, i know it works. b/c the first Blitzkrieg work on this same computer. It is compatible with my machine, etc. How do I go about installing it manually?

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    Windows right?

    Go to my computer. then see if you can see the cd there. If so, open that up and you might see something like install.exe or setup.exe and try running that.

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