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    Have you ever met a VIP (I mean a famous actor/actress, singer, showman/showgirl)?

    I've met the popular Italian Band I Pooh and a MTV Vj Marco maccarini.

    what about you?

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    Sort of but due to privacy reasons I'll keep it to myself. (not really a VIP but sporter/something else on world class)

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    My random brushes with fame have been pretty lackluster. Gordon Jump, the boss from WKRP in Cincinatti (generally amusing 80s sitcom) showed up to hear my choir group sing when we were in Washington, DC and he was nice and shook hands. I worked for a local celebrity for some time, but my work wasn't in the same vein that he was known for, so it didn't really seem like much. Very decent guy, though. The only half good one I have is that I used to be friends with someone who's now a pretty popular character actor with a popular television show and some movies to his credit. It's a little strange to turn on the television and see someone that I used to play D&D with. I'd rather not drop his name, though, so you'll just have to bask in the anonymous glory of knowing that I know someone who matters so much more than any of us

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    I meet myself in the mirror on a daily basis.

    I'm very important! (To me, at least :P)

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    I used to work at an airport at a rental car place, we rented to alot of celeberties, I met Paul Newman, and Godfrey Cambridge ( for the younger guys he was a commedian in the 70's), while working there.

    Alot of people rented off us but I only met these two, while I was working, and alot more came thru the airport but I never met them.

    And in Las Vages I met Redd Fox, and Slappy White, they were playing blackjack at a table we were at.

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    Nick Cannon. At Disney Land, my sister got a picture with him. It was funny cause he had like a lot of family with him too. He's super skinny DX He was right behind us in line showing tickets to get into the park.

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    Quite a few.

    Gladiators: Rhino and Lighting.
    The dude that presented Blockbusters game show.
    I think the actors of Kiss Me Kate.
    My sister met Harry Enfield.
    My grandfather met Prince Andrew as in met him shook his hand served him etc etc.

    All this before I was 13.
    Possibly some more but I'm not 100%.

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