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Thread: Diapers when sick

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    Default Diapers when sick

    So I am sick right now, even too weak to use my computer so I'm on my iPod. I figured, I should just be in diapers today for ease of use. I have to tell you, best decision Ive made in months. I'm so comfortable! Honestly, it's so nice to just go, instead of having to get out of bed and be cold. Has anyone else done this??

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    yuppers when i had the flu i was padded 24/ for 3 days

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    Have done it, will do it again. Not having to move from the warm bed when everything aches is really nice.

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    I did it once before, i had a high fever and i wore diapers and stayed in my room. drinking ginger al and listening to my ipod, But i really hate being sick.
    Hope you get better.

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    I'm going to have to start because my house is always freezing. So why should I have to get up and get all cold again.

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    Definitely. Nothing like staying home alone & snuggling up padded in my footies.

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    I haven't but I've often thought of it. To that point, I remember when I was about 12 or 13, and I was home from school with a cold, I'd often make a fake diaper and "have fun in it". Both of my parents worked, so if I got sick at that age I was home alone Good times


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    i would love to do it some times but my mom is a stay it home mom

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    Last time I wore diapers when I was sick was when I had the stomach flu. I could not stop going #2 even if I tried... I crapped in every last pair of underwear I had so I had no choice but to start using disposable diapers. I was in too much pain to do laundry so I just used the diapers. I think that was the only experience with incontinence I had and its not something I'd want to go through again.

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    Just the feeling of wearing diapers while snuggled up in bed is interesting, speaking of which I gotta get to sleep it's 2 AM. When I'm sick, why would I waste the time to walk to my bathroom if I could just continue hugging my plushies?? Diapers FTW. It makes me feel so cute .

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